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Alpha PEP66 and ABIT VH6.

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Mar 11, 2001
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Hi, I am about a few days away from ordering the Alpha PEP66 w/delta 38 CFM fan, and I've been wondering if anyone has tried fitting it in onto a VH6 motherboard (the first version).

And just a question to go along with this one, what do you think will give me best performance, if the fan is sucking air in, or blowing it out? ( I already have a very powerful fan, mounted on the side of the case, which is blowing the air at the chip, and 3 fans sucking air out at the bottom)

Thanks for your time!
if u go for the combination of Alpha and delta plus good ventilation in ur case, u already have a good chance to get good performance out of ur chip. the only thing that can drag u back is either ur chip or memory. Alpha pep are design to suck the air not blow the air to it!! one more thing, delta 38 are seriously noisy!!! consider to use fan adpater with 80mm fan. it may not as good as delta 38, but at least ur can sleep well in the night!! hehehe!!! :)
A PEP 66 is very wierd as instead of sucking or blowing from the top the fan is mounted on the side instead of the top making it wider than normal I do belive it blows the air across the fins which is supposivly better for heat removal but I do not know if it will fit on your motherboard I know it wouldn't on mine (to wide) hope it does on yours. Good Luck :):)
Just some thoughts since you are worried about fit.

There are better heat sinks out there now than that PEP. I was using one on my Duron for a while and it did nicely, but there are some other more eloquent designs out there that will most asureadly fit your board better. Try looking at the Global Win models, especially the Cak and the Wbk if you're interrested in the delta. Go with a mini Copper orb if noise is an issue. Probably 4-5 degrees warmer on a hot T-bird, but on a p3 it should be fine (and inexpensive). One last one you should look at is the thermoengine.. Very good with a delta. Good luck.
BTW... It definately should be sucking the air out.

Also, if you get it and it doesn't fit you can use a rotory tool or saw to mount the fan on top.