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Alpha PEP66 vs PAL6035

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
Ive heard great things about both. But it seems like the PAL6035 will actually give you beter cooling the the PEP66? But at the same time its load as hell? If I don't care about it being loud, I just want a good overclock, do you recomend the PEP66 over the PAL6035? How do they match up in test? Any help greatly apreciated! w00t!
I just got a pep66 and I am still new to overclocking , I heard that pal sounded like a hair dryer , but it would give you a extra 4 or 5 degree's cooler temp also. I was running 56c
duron 700 @ 981 and the pep dropped it to 48c then I put silver paste on and it dropped it to 44C , Next thing I might try is the sandpaper trick I have been reading about.If someone can post a address to the instructions to it I would be greatful. I am gonna try to go over a gig after that trick.
For the sand paper trick, I heard about that. Asked for a link, but I got directions instead. And another term for it is lapping. First get some 600 grit, (I'm assuming this is sand paper) and then use it on the heatsink (Im assuming the part that faces the cpu) then take some 400 grit and tape it onto a piece of glass. (I dont think u need to use a piece of glass, anything similar in structure) and polish the same side of the heatsink u started on with the 600 grit. Then polish the cpu core with the 400 grit on the glass. I dont know how far u should go, but i recomend being very careful on the cpu core. I wish I had a link to clear it up for you but I dont :(
Careful, your sand paper grits are reversed, 400 is coarse 600 is fine, you want to use the 400 first only on the heatsink, then the 600 and 600 only on the cpu core itself.
I've heard you shouldn't ever lap amd cpu's cos you'll almost certainly kill them - they're not as tough as the intels for some reason. I've also heard that lapping the alpha hsf's doesn't help as they're so well made, the inbuilt copper heat spreaders are flat anyway. Just remember that you might make it worse.

If you want to lap, use 1200 grit to finish off - that'll give you a nice smooth finish - I can see my face in my waterblock now LOL :)
Ill get the highest grit I can find and be very soft on the duron, would that help? I dont want to kill my cpu, what is the risk if I do it with a 1200 grit and very softly? Should I atempt? I think what ill do is, If I am ok on cooling, and I dont need it then I wont, (or maybe just a lil for the temptation :-D) and If i need it then I'll do it.
The reason glass (or a plain -NON magnified- mirror) are used is because they are nice and flat. The whole point of lapping is to try to get both surfaces free of as much imperfection as possible. Thus meaning a better mating surface for them- thus meaning better heat transfer.

There should be no need to lap an Alpha with 600 Grit. My Alpha was a lot nicer (bog-standard) than my old Golden ORb which I lapped with 600 grit sandpaper- Although 1200 might be good.

I invested in some Artic silver thermal goop [Technical term ahoy!], as opposed to lapping my Cellery 566. In the long run, it's not worth it. If you kill your CPU within warranty time, and need to RMA it, chances are they won't RMA on a lapped CPU.

Try going to hardocp. Where I got my info on lapping Heatsinks. I don't know the exact address.
I´have an Alpha Pal 6035, but I´ve readed that the Pep would do 1-2 c better... But I don´t know, it may depend on the test... I´d choose a pep becouse it seem to block less dimms don´t it? The pal bennefits a lot with a higher cfm fan becouse it have a big surface area... Use a minimum of 27-28 cfm fan.. I´d go with the papst 33cfm fan...
The pep can be easily modded to use two fans one suck other blow, and can bring additional 5-8c down the temperature (see Octools.com)
Just because you bumped it, and because I own both heatsinks and have tried them both (on the same system). The PEP66 ran my system 3°C cooler than the PAL6035 that's on it now.