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Alpha PEP66T is not enough to cool down my CPU??!!

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Dec 25, 2000
I upgraded my processor yesterday from a P3 700 to a FC-PGA P3 1Ghz (133 bus - cC0) CPU. I reused my Alpha PEP66T to cool my new 1Ghz chip, but I noticed that my temps are a bit on the high side. (36C/97F idle).

The default factory voltage on the 1Ghz is 1.70v. I am not overclocking at all and temps are still high.

Does anyone know of a superior Heatsink and Fan combo that is better than the Alpha PEP66T. (Note I need a heatsink and fan that will fit nicely with my Abit Slotket IIII adapter)

My Specs:

P3V4X mobo
Abit Slotket III adapter for FC-PGA CPU's
256 MB of CAS 3 RAM

Thanks for any help.
your rite about those temps being high, what are your ambient temps? and system temps? I'm running my p31g at 2.05 for CV and i had a coolermaster [before yesterday that is] and it was working great my temps were only 5C over ambient with a duct, now with the gladiator i'm running 27C ambient\system temp and 29 to 30C for CPU, i guess what i'm trying to say is maybe it's something else thats causing your high temps besides your HSF as the pep should do the job, is there any chance that the HSF is mounted rite?
31c/87F mobo temps
that is with the case open... I had to do that in order stabilize the computer. If I close the case the computer BLUE screens and freezes upon start up.

Correct me if I am wrong but the Alpha PEP66T clamping arms are not entirely stable. Unless there is a way to modify the Alpha clamps to secure the heatsink of the CPU's core?

Thanks for your help
Well your only running 5C over ambient temps if you dont have a Delta fan on your HS and if your not using a good thermal compound your temps are about normal, with the best HSF the best your going to do is roughly 2 to 4c cooler, you really not doing that bad [with those ambient temps] so i would think your HSF is mounted properly i would start searching for another reason why your having problems. check www.rojakpot.com and make sure your BIOS is optimized for best performance.

What are your 100% load temps like? I think they should be 45c or under which is fine... have you tried one of those CPU cooling programs like waterfall for when it's idling? That might lower your temps a bit.

My PEP66 with a PIII 650 ca2 @ 820MHz (crap CPU) using 1.8v idled @ 18-20c and under full load never went above 38c. Nice coolers :)
I think you might need to move to water cooling. The best combo you could do is get a Golden Gate/Gladiator and Artic Silver II paste. But, im not sure if that would be enough. You may have to seriously consider water cooling.
try directing the air that comes from the PEP66T out of the case instead of around it. Make a shroud.
Add another fan. I used PEP66T for my tbird and that made a 5C difference.
It was with a 90 degree rotated shroud, due to the KT7A-R motherboard, but I think another fan on the other side of the sink should help.
those temps shouldn't be causing blue screens specially on a P3 1ghz. Your temps should be higher, but your ambient temps are so bad right now that there isn't too much to do. What fan do you have on it?