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Alpha PEP66T

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Dec 18, 2000
I heard this cooler doesn't fit on all socket mobo's and I was wondering if anyone knows if the Alpha Pep66T w/Delta 38cfm 60mm Fan fits on an Abit Bx133 motherboard?
The Don
Alas, I don't know what the "T" signifies. Neither millisec nor 2cooltek list this particular HS. If this version of the PEP-66 is still intended for Slocket use, you need to do a little shroud cutting for the HS to fit vertically on a Socket 370 that's on a mainboard--as opposed to an S370 that's on a Slocket. This isn't a biggie, all that's needed are two new slots in the shroud.

The PEP-66's foot print only overhangs an S370 by a tiny amount. Without first hand knowledge of your mainboard, I can't give you a definitive answer as to "will it fit?" However, it probably does.

Please post which mobo you have. "Bx-133" is too vague.
The mobo is an Abit BX-133 Raid, made for a P3 fcpga, it looks like i have about 1/4 inch of room around the socket.
Hope that helps.
Ohh and the "T" came from this site http://www.pcnut.com/parts/memory.htm
i was wondering the same thing but i said well maybe it's diff so i'll put it anyways.
Might need filing so sits square on CPU if ZIF-handle sticks up too much (not much effort needed). Unless theres, no gap between the Mobosocket and stuff around it, I can't see why it wouldn't fit, if you modify it so the fans sits on the opposite side to the Base of the 'Sink.

The T refers to the model. If you check out the attachment, you'll see what different options for different models are (Scanned From Instructions that came with my PEP66T).
Hmm. Delightful when manufacturers use zero's to signify something rather than nothing. Intel uses the same asinine methodology in some of its .pdf's.

As to Zif Sockets with the delightful metal swing bar, some stick up above the bottom of the Socket more than others do. An Asus S370-133, Rev. 1.1 Slocket has the metal bar, yet it interfered with my PEP-66 not one whit. Whew! Perhaps manufacturers like AMP and Molex will drop the STINKING metal bar, forever. Get a clue, jerks!
I have a pair of PEP66's on a VP6 dual socket MB. I turned the shrouds for socket mounting, but didn't need to cut any slots. With the clip on the socket, it still doesn't touch the shroud so it makes no difference. They work great but you should turn the fans to blow through the sink- they gained a couple degrees that way. I top out at 38c at 100% load with 2 PIII-700 cc0's @ 1GHz.
I would definatelty recomend fixing the clip to the socket before putting the shroud on, as it saves having to bend the clip back into shape, when it gets bent by the lack of movement allowed by the shroud.

FYI Kloster, My Metal ZIF bar is on an Iwill SlocketII/. Was pondering Abit Slocket III (has flat plastic bar), but heard from here they weren't as good as the Iwill. I hold everyone here fully responsible :¬)}
I have an Abit slotket on a BF6 with a cb0 PIII-700@1GHz with a PEP66 and can't same I've had any problems. The plastic handle on the Zif socket was intentionally used to prevent interference with oversized heatsinks. The moving parts within the Zif socket are plastic anyway, so I fail to see a reason why the metal handle would make any difference. It's not like torque counts for anything here.