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Alpha w/delta black label mounting???

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Jul 16, 2001
This may be a stupid question, but is the fan supposed to blow air off the heatsink or on to it? Which is better?

dunno about the alpha, but some can be turned either way. usually one way will work better than the other though. you *could* test both out and see, but wouldn't be worth risking a burned cpu if it doesnt like being turned one way ;-) i would think probably it blows in on it, but i have my own fan sucking out on mine (differenty hsf though) so who knows.
Most alpha heatsinks are designed so the fan blows away from the heatsink.
I have tried both ways and found having it blow into the heatsink gave slightly lower temps.
It can vary depending on your particular case fan setup so I would try both ways and see what gives you best temps.