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FRONTPAGE Alphacool Announces NexXxos HPE Radiators For Custom Water Cooling

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Nov 1, 1998
A week or so ago, Alphacool announced two new All-In-One coolers utilizing its new NexXxos HPE radiators. Recently, they released these new high-performance radiators as stand-alone products for custom water cooling enthusiasts. The HPE-30 and HPE-45 compliment the NexXxos line-up with the same full-copper design. What makes these high-performance edition radiators different are the increased water channels and tighter fin density. A full array of sizes are available for 120 mm or 140 mm fans and pricing starts at $75. For a complete list of specifications see Alphacool's press release below.
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Their rads are pretty good. I was using them in many projects. They could work some more on the design. Stuff from Watercool or Barrow looks better and doesn't cost more (no idea about the Barrow's performance). I mean this is cooling for enthusiasts, while it looks pretty standard and not much different for long years.
I think that when I go back to water cooling I may give Alphacool a shot. Would be interesting to see what I can build using their stuff. =)
A 120mm can 'handle' 500W (R9 295x2, anyone?)... the question is, at what delta. :p

EDIT: But yes, agreed, I'd run 500W worth of stuff on one, fo sho.
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3k rpm push+pull :p

I will check 120x45mm Alphacool rad soon. It's from older series but not much different than the new ones.
Alphacool radiators were always good and slightly cheaper than the competition. There are also many unusual sizes that no one else is selling. I'm only not convinced to CPU/GPU blocks. I had problems with every single CPU and GPU block I had. Most of them were leaking after longer work under higher load. I guess it was related to the CPU/GPU heat.
As long as my tower can fit one of those radiators I am game for it. Would like to see if is cheaper building one than getting the Corsair water cooling hardline kit. XD
I haven't had an Alphacool watercooling part in ages. They have become quite the force in the enthusiast watercooling world. I know a bunch of people still using their products. Jeff (Stereo55) has several of their AIO's and has successfully modded them to work in certain configurations.

I just picked up a Alphacool NexXxos XT45 Full Copper Radiator 280mm to add to my loop for my 1080Ti along with an EK full cover block.
I do like their full copper construction, and Wizzard at TPU has measured very low liquid pressure drop, but they still don't perform as well as the HW Labs GTX. Granted, we're not talking a lot of difference in temps in the grand scheme of things.