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alternative to water!

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Mar 25, 2001
there seems to be a problem regarding water cooling
in peltiers.
you are using the wrong heat transfer agent.
you should be using isoprophyl alcohol which is 5 times better at transferring heat any object
how you say!
simple! by using a model aircraft fuel pump which is
built to withstand nitro-methane(the fuel itself)
and alcohol. (continuous duty of course)
along with an inline radiator to the water block or after
the water block to drain into a large plastic resevoir
(to prevent static ignition of alcohol.
dumb founded?
test! use alcohol in one container and water in the
other container let acclimate to room temperature.
pour water on hand or arm, then alcohol , which is
colder. used this setup before very effecient!

Im not sure about the transfer rates, but alchol evaporates much faster than water, thats what makes it seem so cold. Evaporation will not be a factor in a cooling system.
There are four little words up there that bother me. Those words are:

"Static Ignition of Alcohol"

You could be just quietly playing a good game of Quake 3, and alofasudden, KABOOM!!, and you're left picking pieces of case and waterblock out of your *** for a month! No thank you!!
I have yet to hear of anything (aside from supercooling.I.E. ln2) that will beat water. Adding waterwetter and anticorrosives just help the matter. Maybe your theory would work in a system in an absolute vacuum type of thing where no evaporation occurs,(chemists or other scientific types need not slam me over this) but for the regular oc'er, water is the way to go.