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Alternative ways of using Peltiers?

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Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
I am just wondering if people ever use Peltiers in other ways other the between the CPU or videocards?

I was thinking of a way to place a peltier on an aluminum resevoir to cool the water more, or perhaps on the radiator.
but these of course are just....

"huh I wonder what would happen if...."

Obviously someone thought of these things before me, so I am just wondering what would happen.
I haven't gotten to use a Peltier yet, but I am definatly racking my brain on some different ideas.:D


Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
using them to chill watter is pretty inefficant i mean sure it works but not to well there are a few comercial products that can do it but they are way expensive and you can get better temps using it directly on the die or by using a phaze cooler


Jun 7, 2001
Lugoff, SC
Cooling my room...or heating my room. I had a design for using a pretty large pelt to pull the heat out of my room when it was hot. or by reversing the polarity, I could heat it...but I got my comps to do that.


Sep 22, 2002
i've seen few (maybe two) successful inline chillers using pelts, and all i can say is you need a lot of pelts, a lot of water ( at least two loops), and a whole lotta power....