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Am I crazy? 800mhz enough?

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May 22, 2001
Deerfield, IL
I've been around overclocking more than most. I remember soldering a new clock generator onto my 'brand new' 486DX 33mhz to get it up to 40mhz. Whew, I was the $hit. Then I moved to a 400mhz celeron at 83mhz fsb on an Abit LX6 (the board the started overclocking as we know it). Now I run a PIII [email protected] on a MSI 6309, 512 pc133 (well, 256 of it is pc100 overclocked to pc133), and an 80GB WD SE

My friend just put together a [email protected]+ghz, and it is fast. But it really doesn't seem THAT much faster for anything out side of gaming (which I dont do that much of anymore). It kind of seems that I want the shiny new parts more than I want the increase in performance.

Am I crazy? Self justifying (as a new college grad with no job and no money)? Or does it seem like we've reached a point where for the things we do 96% of the time a faster computer doesn't make that much difference? Or maybe just that a fast harddrive and a little extra memory is all it takes to get an older system running comparably in most tasks to one of today's monsters?

just a sanity check, let me hear your thoughts...


Aug 18, 2002
I don't bother getting the newest & best, I just try to tweak what I have as far as it will go. I still use my [email protected] Celeron on Abit BP6, and will watercool that soon as I've gotten it up to 600Mhz stable (with windows open in winter ;))

I do try to keep my gaming rig a bit more up to date though, a bit...


Dec 24, 2001
with no job and no money its a no brainer here,it isnt worth it.
but the differance is large performance wise in everything else except web surfing.
i just installed win98se and win2kpro on my bro's pc and its a sdram 900tbird.
i swear it took me and easy 2 hours do do both os's total time.
ive done both on mine in 25 mins.
other than being annoying its not a big deal,and if you havent gotten used to a xtreamly fast pc you wont even notice the slowness.
it sounds like the pc does everything fine you want.so why screw with that until you have the $$$ to do it right and the way you want.and make it fast just becouse its fun.


Dec 20, 2002
Stockholm, Sweden
Unless you're an prefessional gamer or do number crunching for a living, no it's not "worth" it. A PIII will handle the same work applications as a heavily overclocked P4. Only a tad slower when starting applications, which takes up about 1/1000th of the time of your work. However, running 100m in ten seconds seems fast enough for me but still some guys insist on shaving another 1/100th of a second off that...

So, it's not a matter of what you need. It's a matter of what you can do. Water cooling an old BP6 is a perfect example :) It's a hobby and hobbies are never sane. Overclocking computers seems a lot more sane to me than collecting stamps or Elvis plates though :D

More insane than most, I don't overclock (yet), I just read about it...


Sep 8, 2002
Yes you are crazy ;)

Seriously though for most use a P3 is all that ya need. Alot of corporations have come to realize this and now I don't tend to see many fancy new machines at the companies I am at. It used to be though that there were a great # of companies that be serving up some brand new stuff to their employees (at a great cost of course).

Personally for the work that I do I really do wish that they had better machines. Running an app server, database server, compiling code etc all on the same box. The least they could do is give enough memory for all that, but a faster proc would help (as it does on my coding machine at home).

DocClock aka MadClocker

Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Stockton Cal, USA, Earth
I think a top o' the line vid card, and a newer hdd controler, which comes with some maxtor hdd kits can show some real speed.

800mhz is plenty of hp for most games out there to run smoothly..long as you got a decent vid card. BTW, did your 600E show up as an 800EB when o'clocked?
I have my old 600E running at 840 right now, and it has been there since I bought it. Actualy I had it running at 957 till I robbed "good" memory out of that machine to get this machine to overclock(the one in my sig below has a 700E that runs at around 1050 in the summer, and around 1100 to 1125 or so in the winter.)
But the comp that has the 600E has some cheap pc100 that craps out at just above 140fsb, and that ol abit be6 ver1 only has a couple of choises above 133...just 140 and 150.
Personaly, I preffer to have my bus speed above 133, as everything else is then overclocked to...that is if you got similar chipsets like mine (440bx, and 815e).

That is a decent overclock you got going, but I think it has the potential to do more...given the right circumstances. What kind of fan/h.s. you using?


Feb 3, 2002
West Monroe, Louisiana
A couple of years ago, I went from a 400 mhz Celeron with 190 MB SD RAM to a 1333 mhz Tbird with 512 MB DDR RAM. HUGE speed difference in almost every application. I was VERY happy.

Recently went from that Tbird (overclocked to 1500) to a Barton 2500+. I honestly don't notice any speed difference at all. BUT...I knew that I wouldnt. I wasn't expecting much. I wanted the nice shiney new pretty parts. And I want to overclock the heck out of them :D

To me, it's a hobby, and it's fun. I don't need a huge performance boost to justify spending cash on parts...to me, it's just fun to open up my case and get my hands dirty. And I think that's where you are now. If I were you, I'd wait until you have plenty of cash to spend on unneccessaries before upgrading.


Inactive Pokémon Moderator
Jun 20, 2001
Vancouver, WA
For normal apps, (like everbody else has been saying) a P3, or even a P2 will do just fine. It's were an application begins to start making a dent into the CPU time that you want a faster processor.

I don't do much on my computer that relies on loads of CPU power (..not since I fried my 8500 :( ), so I could easily get away with a much slower system. In fact, for what I normally do with this computer now, I don't notice any diffrence between it and my old HP 466Mhz Celeron (..freshly formatted of course :D)

If you're not into CPU hungry apps, then you don't need a huge CPU under your hood. [plug]But no matter what you choose, you should run SETI or Folding on the thing to make every bit of that CPU's time productive![/plug]


Ugmore Baggage

Feb 12, 2002
Compare a ford to a ferrari. In day to day driving, the ferrari is only a little faster. If you like to race it's another matter.

Currently yes, a 500mhz computer is fine for most things. You need to get into graphics (or superheavy databases) before you'll notice a significant difference. I remember waiting for simple photoshop filters to apply on a P166. On a 1700+ most filters apply in a second or less. In trueSpace (3D app) everything is realtime, but framerates are faster and the scenes more complicated because of computational speed and capacity.

For surfing the web, watching DVDs, and word processing, 800mhz is ample.

For gaming and image/film/3d editing, morer is betterer.


Sep 1, 2001
i`m thinking in selling my machine (i need the money for another thing) and start building an old p2 400 i have lying around, of course i would miss my games and stuff, but... i can star upgrading that machine from scratch, my point is that i don`t really care what i have as long i can surf and chat (actually i do care, but my other needs are bigger than use new games)