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Am i doing this wrong

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Jun 11, 2001
I have a Tbird 1ghz with OCZ Gladiator w/ delta fan, Asus A7V, and Kingston CAS3 PC133 Ram. I havent unlocked my multipliers and I was wondering if it is easier to overclock usign the multipliers or by adjusting the FSB(or both). I had my FSB set at 110mhz but it would freeze so i am running at 105mhz (1050mhz CPU). My temps right now are about 44C stressed (same as 1000mhz) so i think i can overclock it some more if i unlock the multipliers, what do you think. Any info is appreciated, as I am a newb when it comes to overclocking.
I would go ahead and unlock it. You should be able to squeaze alot more mhz out of it.
overclocking with the multiplier is better than using the FSB as using the multi gives you more flexibility with the speeds you can obtain.
You should definately unlock it, the ASUS A7V has the kt133 chipset which doesn't like FSB speeds that much. I can never get mine above 105. unlocking the chip will yeild much higher O/C speeds. Also as you increase the multiplier you may want to up your VCore Voltage.
Though I'm not limited by FSB restriction of the KT-133 chipset, I have experimented and found my 1G AXIA Tbird will run 12.5x105 rather effortlessly.

Does overclocking the Multiplier stress the CPU less then overclocking the fsb, or is it just better for the ram? also my vcore is at 1.81 right now, do i need to bring this up?
bringing the voltage up past 1.88 on the A7V is a project all in itself. It requires a voltage mod, which means you'll be soldering on your board. You can find info on the main page under Motherboard Reviews, theres also a good article on Tom's Hardware.
I've only seen pictures myself and i'm considering trying it, as soon as i can get my idle temp of tbird 800 @ 997 down from 47C
For the most part, total speed is the telling factor, regardless of how you get to it. Don't be surprised if you have to set the vcore to 1.85 to get 12.5 to fly. That's not overly high, as long as you can keep the temps under control.

I dont really want to solder anything on to my mobo to change the voltage. I was reading the manual last night and it has some voltage jumpers on it, do these not work? Im not gonna go crazy overclocking my comp, it is more to increase my knowledge then to make my computer really fast. If i could get 1.1 stable i would be perfectly happy.

I guess the Only way to get 1.1 would be connect the L1 bridges. I dont feel like holding my confidence in a #2 pencil to run my computer... are there any other things that work better for connecting the L1's, something that I can find laying around the house... or is a pencil the best thing we have come up with :)
I'm proof all you need is a pencil and stock 1.80 v to overclock. I have the stock volts and quite a nice outcome. I only adjusted the multipliers. Dont go crazy with voltage unless you have to. It runs colloer at low voltage.