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Am i missing something here?

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May 12, 2002
I have a duel 1.4 athlon and a p4 1.4/423. I use these both for strickly crunching. And seeing how the race is going on i decided to try to get alittle more out of them. (the lazy way) So i decided to put Driver on high priorty. maybe i could get a few mins off. Right? Wrong!!!

i ran them both for 4 days and it actuly slowed them down!! It added about 10 mins per wu. Now that dosn't make any sense to me.

thay both have been reformated less than a month ago. XP pro, And nortons system instaled( but not runnning). Eveything else is bare min.

Yesterday i changed them back to low and everything seams to be back where it was.

so i just downloaded CPUFSB for my tyran. i know i can get more out of the deul that way.

i guess my question is how is this possble to add time? Has this happened to anyone before?
Setting it to high probably causes it to fight other system processes that are necessary even when the only thing running is Seti. I always leave mine on normal and sometimes even low. When you're not doing anything else with the computer there's nothing to be gained from setting it to high.