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Am I to hot for you?

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Jan 3, 2001
I am running an T-bird 800 no overclocked at all at the moment(had to instal some AMD software and it would'nt let me with if over clocked) i have an ASUS a7v and while my comp is under load PC probe says i am at around 55-58C or 129-134F is that very hot compared to you. Oh yeah i have 2 case fans and a Gold orb. Thanks.
Hell yeah your running REALLY hot. Are you sure you attached that gold orb properly, or better yet, orbs aren't the best thing in the world to cool off hot *** t-birds...ditch the orb...get a real HSF. Get a copper hedgehog...now those rock, with that big *** delta fan on it....oh yeah.
Thanks yeah I thought my damn T-bird was running hot but wasn't quite sure though becuase I know t-birds run hot but i guess not that hot. Soon I am getting a water coling system so that should take care of things.
Depending on the extent you're hoping to overclock, you can save some money getting an Orb designed for the T-bird, such as the Chrome Orb or (better yet) Super Orb. They are much QUIETER than anything with a delta fan, which is a majority of what is recommended here. Few seem to care about noise, but once you hear a delta fan you'll know what I mean.

Most everyone on these boards will tell you to go with something more expensive, but for mid-range overclocking, the Orb line is fine. I use the SuperOrb, and I'm quite content with it's performance.
If noise is an issue, a Sanyo Denki fan on the Alpha is quieter than the Super Orb and gives better performance.