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Am I wasting my time?

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Oct 12, 2002
My system:

AMD XP 2200+ "AIRDA" (unlocked)
Abit KX7-333 Rev 1.1
Crucial 2x256MB PC2100 DDR
Antec SmartPower 400W PSU

I'm attempting to overclock, whether I'm doing it right or not, you decide. :)

I simply increased my FSB until the system was no longer stable. So far, the highest I can go is 136FSB w/o locking up in Prime95. It's a mere +39MHz increase, pretty pathetic.

Now, I haven't messed with my Vcore, yet, because I really don't know too much about it. But, people have told me trying to O/C a 2200+ (especially with PC2100) is a moot point, and that I really shouldn't waste my time. Is this true? I was really hoping to get at least 1900MHz out of this processor.

Ideas, comments are appreciated. :)

Mr. Chambers

Feb 25, 2001
welcome! :D

actually most crucial OC's very nicely.. i've had mine around 160fsb, and i know some who've even had it up to 190fsb.. the biggest thing is voltages, both with your RAM and your CPU.

that kx7 is an overclocking machine, it has a very easy to use bios, and allows for some nice vcore raises, if i remember correctly. if your oc is unstable, either lockups or no boots, or other big errors, then you should definately look into upping your vcore. i'd try the vcore on the CPU first, like i said my crucial runs 160 with stock voltage...

biggest concern when messing with voltages is heat, it is your enemy :) what sort of cooling do you have?


Dec 24, 2001
mr chambers stated alot of what you need info wise.
but you should be able egt 1900 fairly easily as long as you have really good cooling.cpu and the case cooling.as they both affect each other.
i have similer stuff here.2ghz easy for me.BUT it takes some know how and not rushing.just so many facters.and you will need to raise the vcore as mr chambers said.my mobo overvolts by default.so my default voltage settings are higher than the 1.65v you are using.

ypu have a good start on the equipment.might need to make sure you use the most relaxed timings on the ram to get higher fsb.i get 180-185 outa my corsair. you prolly can also.
just watch heat and temps. get motherboard moniter5 before you do anything if you dont already.
good luck!