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Amd 1.1 ghz or 1.2 heatsink/fan advice

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Feb 5, 2001
Hi im REAL need of help im completly unexperienced with fans and stuff like that. im going to buy an oem 1.1 or 1.2 processor( if i get the 1.1 i plan on overclocking to 1.2) I ordered the 1.2 retail a long time ago but the idiots have been delaying it and it was suppose to ship tomorrow and now its not going to till 2/21(this is the 3rd delay) The fans im thinking of are the fop38(i havent seen specs or anything but i always here about this thing any links to it?) or a super orb i found on www.3dcool.com this fan seems pretty pwerful(i dont know anything about fans im just comparing) but here are the spec for the orb:
other socket CPUs as well
Designed and tested for overclockers
Designed for Socket Thunderbird CPUs, works with
Top fan 5000RPM (17CFM), bottom fan 5500RPM (25.4CFM)
32dbA/34dbA fans
3-pin Power Connector for monitoring
Ball-Bearing for superior life!
Aluminum Alloy 6063 Heatsink for FAST heat dissipation
Comes with thermal compound
Lifetime Warranty

Now if it will work great but i dont know how measuring volume works but this has a volume of 32dbA/34dbA (there are two fans) Is this really loud and annoying? If some of u think i should just be safe and get the 1.1retail then tell me any suggestons would be great

Ps if u need to know about my case, its at coolerstar.com they only have 1 400watt midtower thats mine
The FOP-38 will do the trick. Be VERY careful when you mount it. Make sure that the bottom of the HSF covers the whole top of the CPU--before latching the non-buckle end. Sometimes it's better to have two people do this job, unless your middle name is Tarzan. Use a small common, aka flat blade screwdriver to depress the buckle end of the SK7 strap--do NOT put downward pressure(or any real pressure) on the buckle!! Apply pressure to the SK7 strap itself--then use fingers to latch the buckle onto the lugs of the Socket A.

Take a tip from the guy that broke the cheapass buckle.

Thermaltake Orbs of all colors and sizes are not up to the job of removing ~65 Watts of heat from T-Birds/Durons. If you don't want to chance crushing your new glass CPU, slipping with a screwdriver blade and wrecking your mainboard, or simply destroying the tin-foil buckle of a FOP-38, I suggest spending an extra $10 for an Alpha PEP-66. If you don't wish to do the slight modification needed to configure the Alpha for use on a Socket A mobo, why not get a Kanie Hedgehog? They are another $10, or $45 total. They work very well, and weigh more than a pound. It's ALWAYS something!
so what ones the best? which one do u think is quieter. I decided to go with a 1.2ghz(no overclcok) if i cant find the fop32 or some other fan that all u guys suggest that comes with the oem 1.2 and does not have a warranty then ill just the retail 1.1 it took me a long time to save up for this(im only 16) and i dont wanna take risks.
If you want the best HSF and that is also CPU crack proof. Try the Swiftech MC370-OA. You pay a little more then you would a FOP38 but you are getting quality above the rest. I have one and my temps never get above 46c under full load. Try to visit their web site http://www.swiftnets.com/. I know that can buy it know for 49.95 at http://www.pcboost.com/. Checkout the swiftech web site and checkout some
of the reviews, you'll be impressed.