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Amd 1200C idle/full load temps to high!

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New Member
Jan 26, 2001
Hello all,

I just installed my new pc with amd1200 TB with 266 fsb but
i'm dissapointed to see me idle/full load temps 40/55, when i compare them with the rest out there it looks like im doin something wrong.
I did my share of research on the net for best airflow cases , decent case/cpu fans . After reading good reviews of the Antec 1030 sx BEC case i bought it,
It contains 4 80 mm fans, 1 sunon +antec intake
and 1 sunon+antec outtake, they r all hooked up on a digidoc 5.
i have the alpha pal6035 with DeltaHP fan as cpu cooler, before i mounted it i cleaned the base of the alpha and applied a thin layer of artic silver on the core.

Could someone please tell me what i could try to lower the temps?
or r the temps ok and i shouldnt worry this much :)

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanx in advance,
Part of it depends on your ambient temps....if your room is really warm, then those temps could be ok...from a hsf viewpoint, though they are a bit high for your processer.

Another thing is that those temps are taken (I'm assuming) by the in socket termistor, which is notoriously inaccurate.
thanx for ur advice,
btw the temps i'm talking about r the temps of the asus probe + the bios temps, ambient temp is about 22 (digidoc)
i have another question : where should i place the flat temperature sensors that came with my digidoc?? i want to get 1 close to the processor, dont know if i can place it on the processor next to the die or place it on the bottem of the hs