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AMD&#39s don&#39t respond to supercooling, so why do we bother?

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Dec 17, 2000
I so badly want to build myself a supercooled PC, but I feel that there is no point anymore! AMD chips seem to not respond at all to supercooling - so why bother? Unless I go back to the intel route, I would see no benfit, just more things to go wrong.
I agree, supercooling, except in the more extreme cooling methods, AMD cpus do not overclock much further than they would have with just a good heatsink and fan. Most CPU's from Intel and AMD have headroom to overclock anyway, unless you are getting the top speed for the CPU line. Examples include the 600mhz Pentium II's, AMD K62-500, Pentium 233mmx, Thunderbird 1.2ghz, etc... All of these are pretty much topped out. You just can't get much more out of these reliably without spending more money. If you wait 6 months a faster CPU will be out anyway. You should never purchase the top of the line CPU, since you could overclock to that top CPU speed with most CPU's, unless, of course, you just have money to burn.