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AMD 5950X and DIMM Ranks

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Jul 19, 2013
Don't know if this is the correct location for this thread.


I've read that Dual Rank DIMMs kinda outperformes Single Rank DIMMs in combination with the 5950X..

I'm trying to find out what is up and down regarding this.

This is how I understand it:

2x Single Rank DIMMs populated in the SAME memory channel works kinda like one Dual Ranked DIMM.

2x Dual Rank DIMMs in the SAME memory channel works kinda like one Quad Ranked DIMM.

And so on....

Let's say l'm getting a 5950X and I would like to populate ALL 4 DIMM-slots on my motherboard (Gigabyte Aorus x570 master) - What type of DDR4-4000 DIMMs should I look for?

Single Rank, Dual Rank or Quad Rank DIMMs??

Kind regards
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Jan 2, 2005
In most cases there is barely any difference between results in single and dual ranks. People just make noise around the web. Expect 0-5%, depends if software can use dual rank or not. The highest difference seems to be at low display res, on fast graphics cards, in some single specific titles. It's probably because for example RTX3000 isn't scaling well at low display resolution. Most games/tests will show 0-1% difference. In my tests it was more like 0-3% but I was testing it with Ryzen 5800X and RTX3070.

There is a low chance you can make DDR4-4000 run at 1:1 with IF. Most of these chips run up to DDR4-3800 1:1.
I recommend or 2x16GB DDR4-3600 CL16-16-16 or 2x/4x DDR4-3600 CL14-15-15 ... or any 3600 CL16-16-16/16-18-18 kit as all of them will run up to 4200+ so will cover DDR4-4000 in case it will work. On the other hand can grab something at DDR4-4000 and just set it lower if it won't work at 1:1 with IF.

Most of that stuff was covered here in the last days - https://www.overclockers.com/forums...4***-5***)-Rumors-and-Discussion-Thread/page7
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Jan 25, 2002
Reviews I have seen say the same, barely any difference and when it does it is minimal. It's only in some situations where your cpu botllednecked in gaming that it makes the most difference.