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AMD AM4 Ryzen waterblock suggestions

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Oct 11, 2002
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Hey guyz, I've had my XSPC Raystorm block since I first got my current rig, so about what, 4 years or maybe more? I'm getting close to finalize my upgrade path and now all I need is a waterblock to finish it. PC life with me is about 4/5 years. That's when I know I'm due for a new rig. I already have my board picked out and I was trying for the 5800X, but if I can't, then I'll have to go with the 3900X.

I had thought the raystorm would suffice, but the Die/cores on the Ryzen is much larger and the raystorm's footprint will not reach entirely. As I've read the end result will be poor cooling performance. So my guess is the raystorm is in retirement stage. Everything else will be used over.

Now the waterblock: I see there are specifics due to the Die/cores orientation on the Ryzen chip, so I'm not sure which way to go. I know it's all about the funds available.

Lets say I can try and swing a c-note, but I prefer to stay within the $50-$75 mark if all possible. Yes I will be clocking this new SOB balls to the wall.

So what block say ye?
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In general from what I've read teh Heat Killer blocks have the best performance, I have the Heat Killer IV Basic which did a decent job for me with my 3900X and for the short iime I had the 5800X. Suposedly you can get a couple more degree C with the pro version. Prices will run you from $67 to almost $110 depending on the model you choose.


I needed another block and recently pickeed up an EK Quantum Velocity. I have not had time to boot up the rebuild so I can't give you a comparison at the moment. Tney will run you about the same depending what you choose. I should have it up and running by the weekend I have just been too tired to do anything lately when I get home at night from work.

Thanks man, great choices! I was thinking about the Heat Killer and always wanted one, but wasn't able to. I've been looking at the new EK line as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

Ratz! PPCs doesn't have any Heatkillers in stock :(

Was just hunting for an AM4 block, and the ones I want are all OOS, not to mention others are wayyy overpriced :(. So I broadened my search and found a few Bykski blocks that look promising. Their GPU blocks look stunning and tho they're not in the big leagues like EK, Heatkiller, etc, they do fine in the cooling department.

So you think I can get away with a Bykski block for my 5800X?
Welp, pulled the trigger on the Bykski CPU-XPH-T8 for my 5800X. I really like the looks and it was quite affordable at 50 bones from their site. Spoke to a few other people and they regarded the Bykski as quite a contender with good results. Can't wait!
Most blocks will run only 2 or 3 deg difference you should be ok. Let us know how it works out for you.
Most blocks will run only 2 or 3 deg difference you should be ok. Let us know how it works out for you.

Indeed! I'm sure with all the raddage I have, it'll be fine. Push comes to shove, I'll add a secondary CG480 I have tucked away in the closet.
I bought a $35 barrow block off amazon with pretty darn low expectations for quality, fit, finish... Gotta say, I was absolutely blown away with the actual quality & presentation of the block at such a low price point.

View attachment 213291View attachment 213290

Using that, a Swiftech DDC and a Corsair 2x 140mm radaitor (copper\brass) I was able to build up a complete "fully custom" liquid cooling loop for my Ryzen 3700X that offers excellent cooling with very little noise... oh yeah, and was able to do it for less than $200 using all brand new parts! My chip always stays over 4 GHz on all cores and often stays up around 4.3 GHz (top-end of boost). Prime 95 only gets it into the 60s, and this is with the pump and rad fans running at as reduced of a speed as I felt reasonable for a noise ceiling. (75% on my fans MAX and 70% for pump's MAX) Usually they run anywhere from 20% to mid 30%'s range... which keeps 'er pretty darn quiet and quite cool. Very happy with the loop I put together.

Let us know how your block works out, I'm really excited that the knock-offs are finally up to par with some of the higher end stuff. This hobby is WAY more fun when you don't need to spend more on cooling than core components.
Wow, for 35 bux, that isn't too shabby a block! Bykski has been around for a little bit like Barrow. I've seen a few Barrow blocks that looked really nice and well made for their low price. I remember seeing alot of their fittings more, then after a little bit started to come out with blocks.

I can't wait to get mine. I'm not expecting a crown jewel for what I paid. I am, however, looking forward to how well it cools. I'll keep you posted!
Sorry I got here late to the party. I would say pick up an Optimus block, particularly a blemish unit. Their 115x/20xx units have tested better than anything else TPU or [H] have tested. I would assume their AM4 units would do the same.
Definitely lookin forward to some pictures when you receive it.
Not bad, I like it. Same idea as the one I ended up buying.. mine also had LEDs but I pulled em out before installing it. How would you describe the value, performance?
Not bad, I like it. Same idea as the one I ended up buying.. mine also had LEDs but I pulled em out before installing it. How would you describe the value, performance?

It's not bad, I like it. I might have to repaste to maybe get better temps. I used up the last of the Noctua and I had barely enough for full coverage. I found my MX4 so I'll be using that. The finish on the block plate isn't super polished to a mirror finish, but the quality is good.