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AMD Athlon XP 1600+ Overclocking

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New Member
Jan 13, 2017
I have ASUS A7V266 motherboard. I overclock to 1700+ (1.47 GHz - 1.775V). How many V for 1600 MHz? What about RAM Latency? What's the max. overclock for this CPU?


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
No one can tell you what will be the max overclock for that CPU. Each CPU will be different, even if it is the same model, because of differences in the quality of the silicone batch it as made from, maufacturing variances, motherboard, cooling, etc. Overclocking is entirely experimental. The best you can do is research what others have done with that same CPU to get a rough idea of what it's capability is.

Have you stress tested the overclock to make sure it is stable? You need to put it under heavy load for a significant period of time to see if it holds up.

Download and install Prime95 and HWMonitor. Open HWMonior on the desktop where you can see the core temp section. Run Prime95 in "just stress testing" mode. Watch core temps. You want to keep them below 55c or so. Instability sets in much beyond that. If the computer doesn't lock up, restart or blue screen for two hours you pass the test.

What are you using for a CPU cooler?'

1.775 volts seems awfully high but it's been so long since I fooled with that generation of AMD CPUs I can't remember what is appropriate for voltages. What is the stock voltage?

You may need to increase RAM voltage or lower the starting RAM frequency in order to keep the RAM from causing instability. As the CPU frequency increases so will the RAM frequency. That's the reason.


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Jun 9, 2013
Voltage is not that high. Most socket A's are ok with 1.85v even on a stock cooler. Over 2.0v on good cooling.
OP will not see 1600 on that rig due to the VIA chipset motherboard. No PCI lock and the only way to OC that chip is with FSB. Drive will corrupt before hitting 1600.


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Jan 13, 2017
10.5 x 145 1.52 GHz
System/SDRAM Frequency Ratio: 133:100
CPU Vcore: 1.850V

Good Voltage or too high?

Tech Tweaker

Dec 14, 2010
Depends on what you're using to cool the CPU.

What is your heat sink/CPU cooler?

Pictures might be helpful if you have the time to take some and upload them here.

RAM timings are very dependent upon what make and model your RAM is, and what manufacturer and model the DRAM chips are (IC's).


Dec 30, 2003
I'm just curious... are you just tinkering? Trying to breathe life into an old PC? What's the goal of trying to OC a 15 yr old CPU?

Honestly not judging or criticizing (it sounds pretty neat to mess with old stuff like that)... just curious what you're up to if you dont' mind sharing. I got my start in OC'ing messing with a Thoroughbred 2400+, so you're bringing back some ooooold memories for me :)