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Henry Rollins II

Apr 21, 2001
The North Pole
Yo all what´s up

I got a T-bird 1,33 Ghz@1,33(ayhja stepping). I´m not sure, but I think I´m running a bit high on cpu temp(55-58 low load). Overclocked to 1,4 Ghz 58-60. All Celcius.

The CPU cooler is a Alpha FC-PAL35(modified) with an 1.44w Y.S.tech fan.

NOW: Ok, it runs fair when not overclocked. It runs just as fine at 1400 Mhz, but freezes after some time(10-15 mins). I does boot at a lot higher speeds(1600+), but freezes shortly after booting.
Why it freezes at very high speeds I cannot tell, but it seems like cooling might be the issue to why it freezes at 1400 Mhz. Right?

The cooling needs to be changed if I want this baby to go beyond 1333Mhz, that is clear. But is there a way to tell the absolut maximum before investing in a high-end cooling system?

If it will do 1400-1466 with a better HSF, and about 1500 with water cooling, the choice is easy. If water cooling and a better memory module could give me up to 1700, it is worth considering.

IF i go watercooling, I would buy this: DangerDen Maze2+Senfu DualRadiator+Eheim 1046 or 1048.

C´mon, gimme all your $$ worth of opinions! :)

Man thats a lot to chew!!
First off: your temps are high, you should not get above 50c loaded. Your lock ups can be from a high FSB setting are you running VIA chipset? I come to realize that Via's dont like a high FSB, maybe 110mhz . Im a firm believer in H2O cooling. If you do some research and put it together right you cant beat it. I dont like to see temp above 50c, get that taken care of and your lock ups may stop.
Sounds like another disciple waiting to happen. Here's what you can do. Pick up either a GlobalWin CAK or ThermalRight SK-6 heatsink, no fan. Remove all your case fans. Pick up one 2C646 blower from Grainger. I assume you have a drill and a saber saw, or access to them. What you can achieve with the 1.33 is 1.524 to 1.588 without water cooling and have CPU temps, under heavy load, of 34-38C. Want more details? Read my article.

I'd like to correct SPLEEN. If Via chipsets don't like running FSBs over 110MHz, how come I'm running 142Mhz FSB with one?
KT133A takes high FSBs fine.
While we are in the correcting mode, I think, out of fairness, that I have to say most KT7A motherboards run higher FSBs, but not all. My first one would not run reliably above an FSB of 133, regardless of multiplier, bios revision, etc. I returned it and got a replacement KT7A. The second one ran an FSB of 150 Mhz right out of the box, using the same components as the first one. These were identical models of different vintage as the first one came with WW bios and the second with YH. That is the problem I have with the Abit boards. Results are not the same from one to the next.

True enough. That one you got with WW bios must have been faulty, as mine came with it too. This one is revision 1.0.