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AMD cpu's & VIA chipsets...Not good 2gether?

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Jan 14, 2002
I have been researching to build a system, I would like to use an AMD Athlon XP 1900+, but obviously have to pick a mobo that is very compatible w/Athlon XP's. Upon researching I have noticed that there are many negative comments made about AMD & VIA existing harmoniously 2gether. Is this as true as it seems? Or do some people just have problems setting up these mobo's?
What chipset is best to go with Athlon XP's and Win XP?
I have researched several mobo sites and read numerous reviews, which I am uncertain whether to believe or not "Doubting Thomas I guess". Is mobo choice a shot in the dark or what??? I want the highest performance. and most stable w/future upgradeability. There is more to this building your own PC than I once thought!!! I have looked at SOYO, ABIT, ASUS + Soltek.
While you're thinking about it 'll have a :beer:
the kt333 would probably be your best bet for a chipset right now, it has the thermal protection for the athlon xp built in so now it can't over heat, currently soltek, gigabyte, biostar, and asus make boards that have this chipset, i'd say look into the asus and soltek boards
At this time the Via chipset is the best to go with. The Kt 266a is a good choice. Just don't get the one that is just the kt266. The a version has worked out some bugs that were in it. From the reviews I have seen the kt333 doesn't perform that much higher. Myself I want to wait till the Thoroughbreds come out and see if there is any compatiblility issues then.
I have to agree with Bull, I don't think the performance gains from the kt333 chipsets are worth the extra cash at this point. I just got my xp1900 running last week on an Abit kr7a (kt266a chipset) and have not had any problems with it so far. This thing is flying fairly decent so far at 1848 12x154. I have used Via chipsets with other AMDs and had no problems you just need to install the 4in1 drivers and things will be good.
they aren't really that much more, and personally i think it is worth the protection, if my fan dies i don't want my cpu and mobo to go with it.
Well, Im figuring since I never leave any rig on continuously and the amount of noise the fan will be making, if it quits. I'll pull the plug. Like some others have said, the first batch isnt always the best. But, I certainly see your point, I saw in a magazine what happens if the fan quits (torched CPU and mobo socket). The system Im building is for my g/f, and I am having a horrible time figuring what she will use/need, how much I should spend and a few what if's because she will ultimately own this system when I am done building it...if it works LOL, While I could end up poking around on my 333 celeron rig if she sets my sh*! out on the street! Another thing, what is a decent 1/2 way quiet HSF, this rig may be OC'd a tad at nite (not a creature was stirring....xcept a guy OC'n his Athlon) G/F gets irritated quite easily at loud noise..
Processors are so cheap right now, I cant see going with anything less than a XP 1800.
And after reading more and more, I agree the VIA KT266a chipset should be just fine.

BTW Thanks for all your posts I love this Forum !
Good point, if it wont be on when it's not being used, then you'll notice the fan not on, even a quiet one, have fun buildin that system, and for kt266a, i'd suggest the Abit kr7a or the shuttle ak35
Revx said:
they aren't really that much more, and personally i think it is worth the protection, if my fan dies i don't want my cpu and mobo to go with it.
My KT133A MoBo has this option. All I had to do was to wire the RPM sensor to the fan header & keep the option enabled in the BIOS.