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AMD Duron 1ghz running hot?

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New Member
Mar 31, 2002
I just bought 2 systems, both duron 1ghz w/256mb ram. They seem to be running hot. I overclocked one of them only by 80mhz and it seemed to run at the same temp. 118F/48C is one of the idling temps. the other is 120f idle. I installed 2 fans in one and it did not drop temp at all. Anybody have any suggestions? Or know how hot they are supposed to be running?

Thanks Tony
That seems to be hot since there not oced.
If its a Asus board it could be the temp probe, but if its not maybe the HS connection is bad. You might try reseating the HS with some thermal grease and see if the temps go down. There could be a ton of issues and possiblities that could be causing this so you might want to post some more details then just that. Then maybe we can help you figure it out.
FYI - I'm running a ECS MoBO with a Duron 1.0 GHZ not O/Ced and using Motherboard Monitor, I am running 35 C.

I am running SETI@Home CLI. Check my sig tag for the HSF. The Delta fan is running at around 4000 RPM using a rheostat.
thanks for the input. I will be reseating the hs tomorrow with some thermal grease. I am new to all of this. what kind of details would be more helpful? Thanks Again.

I was also running a Duron 1 GHz on an ecs mobo with simliar temps as chuckerants( about 36C full load). I was only using a lousy coolermaster fan because it was a non-oced system. Get a new hsf.