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AMD Duron 800 + ASUS A7A266 Question...

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New Member
May 2, 2001
For some reason, I am unable to get my computer to post after changing the FSB on my A7A266 to 133MHz...both the motherboard and my memory are capable of running @ 133MHz (DDR 2100), but the processor doesn't seem to like it at all! I am running the latest bios revision for my board (1004.002), and am wondering if anyone has a similar set-up that could help me figure this out...the highest I can clock the FSB is 120MHz and get the computer to post, but it still won't boot into Windows.
Have you unlocked the L1 bridges? You probably need to step the multiplier down to 6x for starters and that needs the brdges unlocked.

After unlocking the bridges set the multiplier to 6x and bus to 100Mhz to make sure the unlock works and boot up.
Then reboot and up the bus to 133Mhz.

Good luck. :)