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AMD duron with EPOX 8KTA

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New Member
Jan 13, 2001
Hi ther everybody. I bought about 3 months ago an EPOX 8kta (not kta2 or kta3). Because i am dont know too much about O/Cing i would like someone to confirm my fears. Does the 8KTA support overclocking? If not, is there a way to do it without the motherboard/bios help? All i have seen in this motherboard is the DIP switches for core voltage setting. This really pisses me off because i initially planned to buy a capable mobo for overclocking, but got this in a hurry when duron was out, because i couldnt find any AOpen or MSI motherboards. Does the pencil trick work in my case?
I'm afraid not with multiplier jumpers.

The EP-8KTA can only o/c with the FSB. The highest I had my EP-8KTA+ FSB was 112 X 6.5 for728mhz before I did the pencil trick.It was somewhat stable.

I expect you could do as well.

Is it possible to adjust the chip speed by connecting the some of the L1 bridges like you can do with the Vcore L7 bridges?
well thats the thing i want advice with really... can i actually overclock it by doing the pencil trick? Mine is a Duron 700 and i have it overclocked to 750 by doing the FSB trick. HELP anyone. BP thanks for your answer:)