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AMD Event - Raleigh, NC

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Jul 31, 2002
Euless, TX
it was awesome, very well set up other than being quite unorganized to get in... room mate won a 2400, and we got hats, tshirts, bags, etc. i would definitely recommend going if you get the chance. be prepared to dance for hats/shirts. there was a crashed AMD system on display (accidental), while one of the two P4 displays crashed by accident too, my friend got a picture of it and ill post it if i can, quite funny ;)
Anand from Anandtech is from raleigh and he showed up too! he gave away the cpu he won by asking a question about his articles
Unfortunately I had food poisoning and couldn't go but some friends from work did, VIP tickets :)..... Get in an hour and a half early and great free food.

Truly bummed I missed it they gave away 10 processors amongst the 30 vips, a friend scored a 2400+.
feuer, ask your friends what the VIP part was like. I have VIP access because i'm a reseller....but my bro can't go early because he's not, and since I'm only a reseller by technicality, I would feel out of place were it filled with REAL resellers....so, can you get any details? I dont wanna miss out on a good chance to win a processor, but I dont wanna be alone...=0