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AMD FX 9590 underclock settings causing computer to shut down before POST screen

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Hey, sorry about before. Yes, I'm very upset. It feels like the entire world is against me right now. All I wanted to do was upgrade. The main reason I haven't gone for Intel, is because I've been avoiding Windows 10 like the plaque (with the privacy concerns and stuff). Now I know 7 isn't that secure, but at least Microsoft wasn't trying to force it down our throats, to upgrade from XP.
Now I hear the 'Skylake' series works for Windows 7, but another friend of mine (and his friends) claims I would have issues with things like my keyboard and mouse. Plus there's not even a guarantee that this would work well with single-threaded games (like Minecraft).

Now then, you guys want screenshots of my hardware? Then let's do it. Get CPUID? Will do. Memory? What program should I use to show that? I have Speccy. But what is this "SPD" mentioned? Also, what test in Prime95 should I run?
I want to isolate this issue. I want to know my next move. But please understand, I feel like I've overspent on hardware with little to no improvement. I would like to be able to get 60 FPS on both single-threading and multi-threading games. The link I have in the OP, as I said before, shows the 9590 is ahead of the 4350 in single-threading. What configuration was used in that benchmark (and if the chip was underclocked or not), I don't know.
Yet almost everyone I ask, acts like I screwed up big time by getting this chip. I feel like I've been trolled, and I feel like I can't trust anyone to give me a set of parts that will work, for my needs (and the motherboard won't ***** at me).

I'm so sick of this mess. I liked it better in the past, where I asked someone I knew who I could trust to find me a good deal on parts on Newegg, I buy them, I have someone I trust to install them for me, and then I reap the benefits. Now, it's "yeah, man. This X should be good for you", when someone else says "NO! You have to get Y as it's better for Minecraft!"
I hope you guys get my frustration. It feels like I have to get a motherboard that can handle two CPU's (one for Minecraft-like games, and the other for everything else).
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It's not that bad.
No expectations, no disappointment.
Realistically, with a little tweaking I see no reason you can't do at least stock stably. Your particular combination just makes it a little more interesting.
That's good to hear. So I got CPUID. Now besides Prime95, what other programs do I need to begin the testing (and give you guys an idea of how to make this work)?
FYI, I have resetted my CMOS (as my friend told me to do). So all settings are at their factory defaults.
from the cpu-id site hardware monitor, the free version.
with cpu-z you can open 3 copys, spread them out and select the tabs, cpu, memory and spd.
Alright, here's all three. Again, no changes to the voltage or frequency of the CPU. I'm waiting on you guys for the next step;
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Ok, I tried using it, and for some reason it claimed the link wasn't valid. I'll try again.
Now let prime blend run for 20 - 25 minutes with HWMonitor open then post that here. It will show your high and low voltages and temps from idle to load for us. Seeing as you are using Gigabyte you will have to interpretate some of your labels in BIOS but that shouldn't be a big deal.
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Alright. What setting should I run Prime95 on? Small FFT, Large FFT, or Blended? Also, wouldn't this cause my CPU to overheat and shut down my computer? As I said before, I haven't set the voltage or frequency in BIOS yet.
Might be a good idea to set ......
Multiplier to 4.5GHZ ..... whats that 22.5
CPU volt to 1.425v or there abouts
CPU/NB to 1,25v
Ram to 1.6v

Blend is what we use ..... 20 min. Watch your temps if it gets above 65*C package 75*C CPU which is your Socket temp you can stop or if a crash or worker stops in prime

Let us know what happens. You should be stable at that.

If that works bump your multiplier by 1 and try again. Its bed time for me will check in the AM.
Alright, I do apologize, but let's say I'm as scared as a cat VS a vacuum cleaner when it comes to setting BIOS settings. Exactly where in BIOS do I set these settings (so I'm not accidentally setting the wrong ones)?
Forgive my n00bishness. I do have AMD OverDrive, though.
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bottom, right, a slider, cpu vid, pull it down to 1.45.
slider, bottom left, slide that left to 22.5x
Alright, adjusted the Multiplier to 22.5 X, and the voltage to 1.45. The voltage seems to set itself to 1.4625 V.
You also mentioned RAM. Where do I set it?
I think the thing that we're missing here is that he's not looking to maximize his single core performance, and at the moment he spent enough money but its a Gigabyte 990 FX Gaming he's referring to. He undervolted a fair bit and under clocked, was able to sustain 55-60* C. He's looking for a solution relating to the three beeps from the POST. Which I read from AMI Beep Codes is a memory error. He's just rather frustrated because its been diminishing returns due to problems and solutions after trying to upgrade from an AM3+ to an AM3+

The 9590 has a strong enough single core performance to do its fair share, while sure it may not be top dog but sometimes those extra cores come in handy for streaming and recording.

It's a beast in all sense of the word.

Me.... I'd keep it. Spend some money on a decent loop. You guys can find used liquid cooling stuff to keep costs down.

On ambient liquid cooling with enough radiator, these FX-9590 chips are known to clock 4.9 - 5.0ghz on stock P-state voltage or a tad over.

The FX-9590 is a Frustrating processor even for experience OC Vets.

120.2 x 2 radiators will handle that processor. Anything less would be uncivilized. Need to spend good money on the water block. Something heavy with lots of copper.

Please research and ask a bunch of questions about cooling the FX-9590. You want High end hardware, you need high end hardware to cool it.
Some of this will only be able to be done in the bios. There is nothing to tricky about do it there. Maybe one of your friends would be willing to help for your first time. Not many of us here use AMD Overdrive beyond extreme OCing.
The voltage will go higher than you set it due to voltage compensation. There is an actual term for it, but my brain is mush right now so it's escaping me. Basically, you set your base volts and the motherboard is allowed to increase the voltage above that on it's own.
When I did my 8310, I set the CPU voltage to something like 1.4, and left the compensation set to a higher setting. This allowed it to feed itself more voltage when maxed, but would otherwise keep it around where I wanted it.
You can only change that in the bios, which you should be doing all of this in anyway. It's not scary, and you can always reset it to default setting extremely easily.