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Amd(r) Tbird(r) 900mhz@1gig questions..

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New Member
Feb 21, 2001
Howdy all, Lets get this shin dig going :)

My system:
EPoX 8KTA+ (newest bios)
Amd(r) Tbird(r) 900mhz (currently at 1 gig)
Fop32 (temp 36~40C boot-load)
256 Megs PNY PC133 CL=3 memory
Maxtor 10 gig UDMA 66 hd
Hp 9110i burner
Horrible Atapi Cdrom (no manufacture brand name)
Creative labs GeForce 2 GTS (newest nvidia ref Bios)
(core 245/mem 400) [Mmmm blue orb and ram sinks]
Sounblaster live 5.1 X-gamer
(gonna leave the name of speakers out of here.. guess the kind)
17" Monitor (1024x768x32 85HZ refresh) [Highest it will go, crappy monitor but it was 50 bucks]


What is a safe temp for me to run this 900mhz Tbird at 1.1 ? 45-50?

Thats all? :rolleyes: All thouse specs for that? :rolleyes:

Well I´ve seen many people going at 45-55 with their T-birds. So I suppose it´s safe.
My 900TB@1010 is 53C under fairly heavy workload. I haven't tried it with prime95 but intend to soon. That does seem a bit higher than most other temps I've seen (using motherboard monitor) and I'd like to bring it down a bit. I intend to replace my (not so) SuperOrb with a FOP-32 and use Artic Silver 2.

Will it help? Probably, but switching from SO/NormalWhiteGunk to FOP/AS2 is changing two parameters at once and invalidates this as a scientific test. However I'm not thrilled about having to remove the orb once, much less do it twice, so it will be done in one shot and science be damned.