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New Member
Feb 27, 2001
I just got my 810lm to work at 133.
This board is one of those all in one boards that has built in video, sound and 10/100 lans. This board has no overclocking except for selecting 100 or 133 bus speed.
I.E. No voltage control or speed steps except for 100 or 133.

I now have a Thunderbird 650 that is running at 866. I had to raise the voltage to 1.8
The only way to raise voltage is to modify the L7 dots on the cpu itself as the board does not have any way to override the voltage values. To learn how to do this mod visit TOMSHARDWEAR.COM and look for the articale called "Overclocking AMD Socket Processors" I have not been able to cut any traces so modifying the voltage from 1.7 to 1.8 was done using a bottle of rearwindow defoger repair kit. By connecting two dots I changed the voltage to 1.8 and was then able to use the 133 clock selection in the bios. My chip is an old one from week 21 or 24 of 1999. I have not hooked up a hard drive yet but will this weekend.
Tried it with a quantum 15 gig 5400 rpm drive. Cant get it to boot when set to 133mhx buss ( the 650 Athalon goes to 866). Will boot to a floppy fine. I think its acting like the hard drive would if I was running a 44 mhz PCI buss.

Anyone know of a hard drive that would run on a box with a 44mhz PCI buss ?

Sold all my old Hdisks on ebay. Have a Maxtor 20 Gig 5400 ATA100 5400 rpm in my IWILL KK266.

Any Ideas ?
Well done - it's good to see someone get a crap motherboard and make it scream.

I have a Via KL133 based board turning up soon for review - be nice to see if that will be able to do anything other than base speed.

Once again, well done.