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AMD T-Bird 1100@1212Mhz Water Cooled to 60 C

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New Member
Dec 18, 2000
I'm not sure what the problem is but my water cooled T-bird is at 60C with a water cooler. The T-bird is a 1100 @ 1212Mhz on an Asus A7V mobo.

The water cooler is from Tom Luefkin, water temp is in the 10C range and the water coming from the block is cold, Yes I'm using thermal grease, and the voltage has not been modified.

I've even tried an 85Watt TEC on a seperate AT Power Supply, only to have the temps rise to 65C

I bet the problem is that the water block is not sitting evenly on the CPU. Believe it or not, having it even slightly not level can cause major heat dissipation problems.

Example: My Tbird 900 MHz @ 1050 MHz was running at 123 F while idle and rose to over 135 F under load with my Agilent Articooler. Once I purchased a copper shim and placed it on top of the processor, however, my temperatures dropped dramatically. Now my CPU runs at 113 while idle and rarely goes above 123 F even under load (whereas previously it was 123 F while idle).

I'm afraid I use Farenheit and not Celsius (just because it's easier for me to make sense of it), but I believe 123 F is around 55 or so C and 130 is up into the 60 degrees C range (where your temperatures are hovering).

I'd suggest purchasing a copper shim and seeing if that helps anything. Hope that helps.
I have a copper shim, but everytime I tried installing it, it would short out the CPU and would not boot.

I'm almost positive that the block is on there level and tight, nice hold down kit.

what about the peltier thing? I probably need more than an 85watt one

BTW 60C is 140F