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AMD temps too high

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did you put any thermal paste? and also what is your vcore set at? normal vcore should be 1.60v

in addition, is the heatsink fully contact the cpu? is there any gap?

Also... I love my LIVE drive.... I used it on daily basis :D
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I thought it wasnt in contact with the cpu but I checked and redid it 3 times still get same temps and the voltage is 1.7 in bios and this mobo wont let me change it

According those this table, 1600+ XP should be 1.60 Vcore.

I might be wrong.

Did you use any thermal paste? it might help... just for a few C... but... 67c is way too high...

I was using 1600XP on this Epox 8kha+ and its temp was constat at 43c

Then I upgrade to 2400XP... I gave the 1600 to my fren who uses a KT400 MSI mobo, he is running 1.7vcore at stock speed and the cpu temp is only 37c......

I am a bit clueless now why your temp is so high
yea what heatsink are you using make sure its rated for you processor if not pm me i might be able to get you one cheap that is rated for your cpu
I think for a 5 buck heatsink it's doing alright. But you may want to invest a little more money than that.

Is your rig crashing? If not I wouldn't panic in the meantime.
You're running a model 6 cpu (palomino, the voltage is 1.75 voltage) XP1600 doesn't exist in a model 8 cpu...(thoroughbred)

I've had similar problems with my XP1800+ and currently with my 2100+... but alas I have found the actual source to the problem to be the heat sink, combined with the shape of my cabinet.

There just isn't enough airflow to cool the cpu, so the hot air goes in cycles around the heat sink, and eventually I reached temps as high as 78 c's on my 2100c... still stable... but it sure made me throttle the ******* down to a lower frequency.

Right now I have a fanduct and some parts en-route, along with Arctic Silver 3, and by the end of this month the baby should hit <50..

So get with it matey, more cold air, stick with your AS3.. and you'll go low as well.. and don't panic... it'll survive it The palominos are known to get pretty hot, whilst the thoroughbreds are somewhat cooler..

:eek:) Flixotide
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