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AMD to enter K8L era in 2H 2007

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Jul 8, 2003
Dallas, Tx

hkepc said:
2006-10-4 23:04

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In 2H 2007, AMD is entering a new K8L era. Besides the Quad Core, K8L architecture will be introduced to all of the product lines. With great compatibility of Hyper-Transport, whatever K8 or K8L processors will also be supported in both AM2 and AM2+ main board.

According to the latest roadmap for Desktop processor from AMD, the first AMD’s K8L based Quad Core Altair will be available in Q3 2007. With 65nm SOI technology, Altair is introduced as Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 X4. The Athlon 64 FX (Socket F+) one is designed for performance enthusiast with 4x4 platform supported, while the Athlon 64 X4 (Socket AM2+) one targets for the mainstream segment with SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processor) technology. Altair would be clocked somewhere between 2.7-2.9GHz, with 512KB L2 Cache for each core such that 2MB L2 Cache in total, and shared 2M L3 Cache. With 65nm SOI technology, its TDP is designed in 125W.

Alongside with Altair, there are also K8L based Dual-Core Antares coming in Q3 2007 and Arcturus coming in Q4 2007. Starting from 2GHz to 2.9GHz, Antares features 512KB L2 Cache for each core and 2MB shared L3 Cache. 2.0GHz & 2.1GHz versions will have 35W TDP, while 2.4GHz to 2.7GHz versions have 65W TDP, and 2.6GHz to 2.9GHz versions have 89W TDP. The first release will only have versions between 2.6GHz and 2.9GHz, while others will be releasing in late Q3 2007.

When we look deep in Arcturus, there are many similarities between Arcturus and Antares. The biggest difference is that Arcturus has no L3 Cache, just 512KB Cache for each core. Starting from 2.1GHz to 2.3GHz, Arcturus is the replacement to single-core Orleans Athlon 64, and with 65W TDP only. On beyond Q4 2007, single core products are only left for the value market, and there is new K8L Spica corresponding to this market.

Socket AM2+ is now confirmed to be the upgraded interface for all K8L products. As AM2+ and AM2 are compatible to each other, K8 or K8L processors will also be supported in both AM2 and AM2+ main board, just different in the bandwidth of I/O.

In addition, the AM3, which was planned to release in 2H 2007, is now postponed to introduced to 45nm models.

K8L I/O the Bus speed will fluctuate when HT Link and the core arteries suspension hook
hkepc said:
AMD the K8 overhead construction superior match place, is outside the end collects a row of class to use the advanced Hyper-Transport overhead construction, the outstanding two-way transmission pipeline design is unidirectional than the Intel tradition -like collects a row of class to have the efficiency. Now, all AMD the K8 processor uses the Hyper-Transport 1.0 editions, has 800MHz and 1GHz speed HyperTransport the Link edition, frequency width most Gao K'oda 1.6GT/s (16.4GB/s and 2GT/s (8GB/s).

Formerly, the Hyper-Transport speed was fixed, therefore different time arteries AMD K8 processor, time its Hyper-Transport the arteries are same, but new generation of AMD the K8L processor surface will be able to have the change, after will use the Hyper-Transport 3.0 editions, its operation speed with processor when arteries suspension hook.

According to the master line machine merchant indicated that, Hyper-Transport 3.0 editions most Gao Shihmai may reach 2.6GHz, the two-way transmission speed largely will promote to 5.2GT/s (20.8GB/s), for former generation's 2.6 times. But this is only the maximum value, all when AMD K8L HT the arteries official specification, could be processor core speed 0.75 time, positive and negative erroneous 100MHz, will give an example a 2.8GHz K8L processor, north the bridge Hyper-Transport operation speed will be 2.1GHz, its Hyper-Transport speed should be 2.1GHz x 2 = 4.2GT/s (16.8GB/s). Therefore, AMD the K8L processing must reach to the Hyper-Transport upper limit, when its core the arteries specification must reach to 3.5GHz.

The master line machine merchant further pointed out that, uses the Hyper-Transport 3.0 editions, will be helpful AMD future to support the higher speed PCI-E 2.0 editions, to promote the IGP chip group to read in the K8L platform takes the system memory body efficiency, as well as for the future multi- cores, the HTX expansion trough technology connection coordination processor paves the way for.

Now, various big plants chip group merchant started is Hyper-Transport3.0 makes the preparation, it is reported, NVIDIA has planned before the year's end promotes the HT 3.0 chips groups, will substitute for existing nForce 590SLi (C51XE +MCP55XE) the chip group. ATI aspect, then the institutional records of a reign join the HT 3.0 supports in the next generation chip group, prearranges the issue date is 2,007 second season. When but SiS and haven't VIA had spreads promotes supports the HT 3.0 chips groups product.
Awesome I'm very excited to see how all this new AMD stuff will perform, especially this new 4x4 design.
Im dissapointed. I was hoping Q2 of 2007, Q3 and by the time they are readily available, good motherboards are out, and prices come down, Its going to be late Q4 2007 or early Q1 of 2008. Thats a longgg time. The smaller L2 also dissapointes me, with conroes 4mb shared.

Cant wait though, seems like my 4800x2 will have to last me an entire year!
AMD dosn't benefit from large L2 cache due to IMC/low latency/short pipes

as for the wait, yeah, it sucks, but AMD has to make money from current AM2, not to mention finish selling off s939/s754 inventory...IN MY OPINION K8L will be out in Q2 still, widespread 2H
yea i am thinking about makeing the swtich to am2 my self but looks like i will be able to just swoop up a nicer/faster 939 for at least 6 months longer! witch is nice...
4x4 is a dual cpu/dual core(later 2 quad-cores ;) ) to run with regular ram(unbuffered), with crossfire(and probably sli) and overclockable, in other words, just about the best gaming machine possible(or argueably)....when it comes
Molester said:
4x4 is a dual cpu/dual core(later 2 quad-cores ;) ) to run with regular ram(unbuffered), with crossfire(and probably sli) and overclockable, in other words, just about the best gaming machine possible(or argueably)....when it comes
and a 2-sockets motherboard to go w/ it.