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FRONTPAGE AMD Wraith CPU Cooler Review

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Nov 1, 1998
It's nice to see AMD taking the initiative in releasing some upgraded "stock" coolers with their CPUs. Those in the enthusiast community likely have a shelf full of "stock" coolers from both AMD and Intel that due to their lackluster performance have never been used. Starting in February, AMD announced the Wraith cooler, which came bundled with the AMD FX 8370 and the AMD A10-7890K. They have now expanded the Wraith CPU cooler availability to the AMD FX 8350 and the AMD FX 6350.

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"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
Nice Review Shawn. I was wondering how much better the Wraith performed over the original stock cooler. Looks like a decent improvement but an upgraded aftermarket cooler will still likely be the standard for overclockers.


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
Thanks Blaylock and yes for a stock cooler I thought it was quite a step up form anything I have used in the past, stock that is. You're right Kenrou, it did do a fairly good job on the VRM as well it is a down blowing cooler. I didn't have any other fans on them.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
The original stock one does that as well. Perhaps not as good, but its fan was sub-par as well. But, more or less, any heatsink that blows down through the sink and gets air moving across the VRMs will do that.