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FRONTPAGE AMD XFX R9 280X Graphics Card Review

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Hello, which R9 280X would you recommend ? Do any of you have a comparision reviews of different model ? I'm looking for a silent model with decent performance. perhaps I should wait fore more model to come out.
We don't have others published yet, but we have a HIS card and an ASUS card in for review. The HIS should publish soon (Lvcoyote is writing that one) but I haven't had a chance to start on the ASUS yet.
to bad you didn't get a non reference HIS to try out they make some pretty solid coolers and tend to oc well. but i suppose the voltage locks are still in place anyways.
Still curious, so the 260X and the still hidden flagships are the only cards with the new audio chips, is that correct?

Well, im disappointed, this is a partial cheap rebrand game but cant truly blame AMD because Nvidia was doing the same stuff way sooner and was showing AMD a possible path. The true gain simply is that a 7970 chip can be gotten for less than 300$ soon (out of the box and fresh from vendor), so people who think that they cant afford good hardware may be wrong. Rebrands arnt new at all but it was usualy used on OEM hardware only, so the market has moved to a uncommon rebranding spot, a sign of weakness i assume. But i do believe that AMD will release truly new stuff at the same time Nvidia is releasing Maxwell. So they had in mind not to taunt Nvidia and executing the same hilarious game such as Nvidia for now.
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I'm posting this just as a matter of interest.

Went down to our computer mall in Hong Kong to see if the R9 290 had been released yet. But all I could see was the R9 280X. So I took a few photos (courtesy of the shop) for my son with the relevant price tags. The prices are in Hong Kong Dollars which is roughly US$1 = HK$7.75. And here they are:

I might be getting the HIS IceQ X² depending on what the price of the R9 290 will be.

HIS IceQ X² - HK$2,450 (US$316).


XFX Dual Fan - HK$2,450 (US$316)


Sapphire Dual-X - HK$2,550 (US$329)


Sapphire Vapor-X - HK$2,750 (US$355)


On the other hand, the HD7970 seem to be more expensive. Here is an XFX model going for HK$2,799 (US$361).


The R9 280X supposedly comes with 1 game (but not BF4). BF4 will only be bundled with the 290.

Does anybody have any opinion which is the best one to get out of the above? Thanks.
Still curious, so the 260X and the still hidden flagships are the only cards with the new audio chips, is that correct?
Yes. It's not audio chips though, it is a feature built directly into the GPUs, which is why they're just in the 260X & 290/290X. If you could just add a chip, they may have added it to the 270X/280X, but since it's part of the GPU they couldn't re-use older GPUs that didn't originally come with the feature. The only reason the 260X has it is because the Bonaire core in the 7790s had it, it was just not enabled on those cards.