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Amd Xp Fried????

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Dec 21, 2001
I got conductive paint to overclock the amd xp. I filled that gaps with super glue, and then i put the conductive paint one by one onto the L1 bridges. Than i put to flux which was suppose to protect it. I put it on,, and nothing on the screen. The fan is going on.. etc... but no monitor. I changed the multiplier to normal , etc.. but nothing. Cpu fried?/ i don't think so because no sparks came. Before i put the flux, it worked, but no 12.5 multiplier according to sisoft and mhz.. so i redid the whole thing and put the flux this time. BUT NO SCREEN1!!

plz help me/
only thing you can do is clean it all off and see if you get a post, if so then try again......
good luck
I fried my XP, and there were no sparks, or smoke. Nothing at all. I cleaned it up with acetone and q-tip. Poor thing ran for only 6 days. Now I got a new one and afraid to unlock it, for if I fry it I wont be able to buy one for months.
yea i fried my tbird likea month ago... best way to make sure its dead or not is to try it out on another system. If its fried it wont post at all and all u'll see is totally blackness on the screen. Can also smell the back of the cpu to see if u smell the burned residue... :burn: