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FEATURED AMD ZEN Discussion (Previous Rumor Thread)

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As I said already, each person needs to look at what their needs are and buy accordingly. There is no one solution to rule them all. I'm not short of a few systems as shown in my always out of date sig, and I'm not afraid to buy stuff to try it and figure out if it works for me. I probably should have stopped with one Ryzen system but I had spare parts left over... Can't resist putting together systems. If only I had a way to run them all without cooking my pets. GPUs are another argument... :D

Have you seen AMD's Project 47? I think you'll like that if you are into GPU rendering :) Beware there's a lot of bad comparisons with supercomputers though, as they're ranked for FP64 performance, and Project 47 is optimised for FP32.
No, I haven't seen it. In general I dislike GPU rendering due to generally lower quality output, but there are instances where it can be acceptable. I'll take a look at it, thanks. :)