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amd64 cpu runs hotter under xp 64bit than xp?

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Feb 12, 2002
Hi guys,

I have following setup.

amd 64 3200+ newcastle core
2 x 512MB PC3200 sdram
seagate 120GB
Geforce3 Ti200
Onboard nic and sound

I am during with default speed and with cool and quiet setting in bios. I've installed the driver under xp 32bit. At idle the cpu will be around 40C and will sometimes go down to 31C.
However I just installed XP 64bit version and the CPU idle temp starts at 50C and goes up to 57C! Is there something wrong? Or does the 64bit cpu run hotter with 64bit OS?
I just have Nivdia video, sound, and nic drivers installed. I found them in some sites and these are 64bit drivers. By the way, I am using MBM to read temp. The settings are same on both xp and xp64bit.

What could be causing this problem?


Jan 17, 2004
Makes sense a 64-bit CPU running a 64-bit OS would run hotter than a 64 CPU running a 32-bit OS. Ilde at 57C is pretty high, but is that under stock HSF?

Those temps aren't dangerous and they're not going to fry it or anything, but it leaves a lot of room for improvement!


Apr 25, 2004
i think it's quite good to know that the amd64 is a bit hotter in win64. you know it's working :)


Mar 13, 2004
I think the thermal limit and voltage limit is about the same as a p4 on a64's their not like axp's in that respect so those temps are pretty high.

If you look at the maximum thermal rating on a64's I don't think it should push the temp that high, so it maybe a misread from the program your using as alot of the 64bit drivers havn't been written yet.

plus I read somewhere that even though the transistor count on an a64 is alot higher than an axp most of it is from the doubled cash. (anybody have transistor count on newcastle?) so you shouldn't see that much of an increase in my oppinion