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AMD's Q1/Q2 2002 Roadmap!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
After doing many hours of research on AMD's near future raodmap, I now have an updated list of possible release dates.

As for XP2200, the first batch will be based on the Palomino, and yes, it will also be a T-bred but I'll talk about that in a sec,

OK, the XP2200 (1.8GHz) and Duron 1.4GHz will both hit store shelves first week in March. Then, about three weeks later, AMD will release the XP2400 which is ALSO a Palomino processor.

The Throughbred processors will come in 4 flavours being XP2000, XP2200, XP2400 and XP2500. The XP2500 will be the big step up since this is where AMD will introduce 333FSB.

XP2500 will come in both 266/333 fsb speeds, and this will infact be the last 266FSB Athlon processor.

When the XP2200 is released (March), the Duron 1.4GHz will also be anounced.

XP2400 (1.93GHz) and Duron 1.5GHz will finish up in April.

Duron fans will like that AMD will finally give the Duron a 266FSB when the XP2500 comes out. This 266FSB Duron will run @ 1.53GHz and 1.60GHz at initial clock speeds.

1.6/1.53 Durons are Appaloosa processors that are built on .13 micron technology.

So by May, AMD will have a 2GHz AthlonXP T-bred and a 1.6GHz Duron Appaloosa. This is the icing on the cake folks.

Finally, regarding the L1 cache issue, AMD could now possibly intergrate 512KB cache into its AthlonXP processors with 1.67GHz and higher based on T-bred core. If the Athlon steps up to 512KB L2 then the Duron Appaloosa will Definatly be bumped up to 256KB L2.

Hope this helps clear things up!



http://www.theinquirer.net/20010201.htm talks about AMD with a possible 266FSB XP2600+ 2066MHz AthlonXP T-bred. This should be interesting! Hmm, a 15.5X Multiplier, is it possible? And there saying now that Throughbred WILL NOT come with 512KB L2 Cache but rather the good old 256KB L2 Cache.
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There will not be an XP2100 1733MHz Athlon processor because AMD is onto the marketing shuttle being there PRating needing to match up with the Intel rating. It would be pointless to release an XP2100 when they could have the XP2200 and have benchmarks that would compare even better to the 2200MHz Intel processor.

Also, I believe I saw on X-bits, maybe wrong but AMD said that they were finished with 66MHz steppings with the Palomino core and were ready for 133MHz only steppings. 2GHz will be a special case of 66MHz upping from 1933MHz for marketing purposes only.

Also, XP2200 = 1800MHz