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Amount of RAM?

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Hey All

Just a quick question, how much difference would 512MB make as to 256MB of RAM using my current rig (check sig). I have read that game should run better cos at the moment some are a bit choppy like MOH. Just want to know if it would be worth while acquiring more RAM .



Mar 28, 2002
in short it will allow u to run more apps or bigger apps like UT2003 without alot of swap files... meaning swapping from HD to RAM... thats the lag u notice... I had 256ram and it worked, but when i added 256 more I had little to no lag time from running large apps like UT2003.



Oct 24, 2002
If you're talking sh*tty framerates, upgrade video card or Cpu... if you're talking sudden freezes and hard disk growling at you for a second before the freezes end... then get more ram.

I've got 256 and I can run MOH:AA fine... but just knowing we've got the same amount of memory doesnt tell you much. I'm also running win2kpro and not xp, that certainly has some influence, along with most every part of our hardware... but anyhow... Let us know your cpu and video card and game settings and that would at least help us eliminate a few possibilities.

Edit: Im going to 512 or 768 as soon as my 512 stick arrives. Not for MOH, though... mostly cause I got a good deal on eBay and it means I've got one less thing to upgrade when I start needing 512mb.

Edit: Ok Im a dipsh*t... Didnt look at your sig... One sec.

Hmm.. I wouldn't guess you should be lagging in that case. Your settings are probably rather high. Also, I've never played MOH:AA with 256 pc133. only on two systems...

900 Athlon 512 pc133

1800+ 256 ddr266

Both with a G2 Gts 32meg

But with your videocard I'd say it Has to be swapping that's causing it (unless you've got some problems with your machine or heavy work in the background.) One thing I'd check first is my system memory dedicated to agp in my bios. You'd want it at 128, it might be set to 256. But to be frank... if your motherboard can handle it, going to 256ddr would probably help you more than going to 512pc133.

Edit again: Oh and by the way. that 230watt power supply looks bad. I dont know if low power can detract from performance. (Usually crashes the system I hear.) But If I were you I'd definately upgrade that.

Yay... More edits!: Your mobo can't support ddr, I just checked. Hmm. I'd grab a decent PS. (50$), decent mobo ($75), and 512ddr (125$) if I were you. Plus that'll set you up for an Athlon xp upgrade when you start needing it. I'd bet good money that setup would fix any lag issues in MOH... assuming you have 200$ laying around.
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