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amptron k7-807

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Feb 24, 2001
Iowa City, Iowa
im thinking about using this board for my duron 800 system. i was thinking of clocking it to 900mhz or so. anybody got any reasons why this board wouldnt do?
I have this board and I don't care for it. It has no bios settings for o/c'ing your chip, that I know of, and I have to run my Geforce 2 MX at 1xAGP, and I got problems with my memory to memory DMA functions.
I also have this mb..It isn't the best by any means but I successfully got my duron 700 running at 1040 and as you know the only thing you can change on this board through the bios is the fsb..and it only goes to 112..so that is limited..so what i did was manually alter the chip to 10x multiplyer and the voltage to 1.89..then i could only get the fsb up to 104...therefore 10*104=1040...so if you are comfortable messing with the chip it has possibilities...I say go for it...
This is a dumb question, but where in the BIOS did you alter the FSB? I haven't looked close enough I guess, but I couldn't find it...
Mine is award bios 6.00pg..Go into bios then to frequency/voltage control then go to cpu host/pci/spread spec. click there and change to whatever..go alittle at a time..reboot and hope for the best...
Sorry about the dumb question. I went home last night and figured it out myself, but thanks. I just forgot that I was already running my PC100 mem at 133, so when I went to o/c the mobo, my mem didn't like it very much (no post)...oh well, after clearing CMOS it's all better...i'm gonna be more careful next time and some day ($ permitting) get some better stuff.
I can only get my mobo to 104mhz also, must be an inherent limit on them.