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anamax.com, worst shipping experiance yet!

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Feb 12, 2002
These people have some nice looking cases.
After looking around and doing the price game, I placed an order for a PC case and a DVD drive.
The shipping was $31.00, a little pricey but I still went ahead.

The case and drive was shipped via FedEx ground.
The packaging was horrible!

Get this, the factory pc case box was shipped inside of a larger box the way it should be but a thinking person would add some other form of packing material to take up the empty space between the two box's.

No bubble wrap, paper, wood chips... NOTHING!

Right when I picked up the box from my door step after signing for it, the weight shifted in the box and I hit my shin on my iron screen door, ouch!

I heard all kinds of lose screws and other materials making there way around the inside of the case.
Right when I opened the box, one peice of cardboard sat between the box flap and the factory box, I knew damage would be found.
When I opened the factory box, I saw the hidden cd drive face was missing the door open button.
Then saw that the rear of the case was pushed out like someone had hit it with a hammer. The PCI area is trash.

Nowhere in the shipping box was my DVD drive to be found.
Thats when I opened the pc case and saw that the DVD drive was responsible for the rear case damage.
The DVD face is also scratched and indented.
The screw/parts bag was shreaded due to the DVD drive jumping around in the case.
Screws ended up outside of the case and in the plastic that protected the case finish.
Needless to say, the pc case is scratched to hell.

What a horrible shipping and handling dept.
I took pictures and sent them as well a long email to anamax explaining their errors, the damages done and the giant bruise and scrape on my left shin.

I am taking this to FedEx with no intention of filing a shipping damage claim, but a claim against the shipper.
This would have never happened if the "handling" I paid for was conducted in a proper, or any matter for that reason.

I would not recomend purchasing printer paper from these people.

Here are a couple pics of the damage.
The rear damage is much worse than the picture shows.
It is literaly pushed outwards so far that the MB side case door will not go back on.

Picture of front damage:

Picture of rear damage:
Hey thats funny I read your post on resellerratings. Sorry you got such lousy service.
I have contested the charge with my credit card company.
FedEx is looking into past damage claims with Anamax.
Still, not one single reply from Anamax out of the dozens of emails sent, the phone is never answered either.