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and yet another new driver set for the radeon

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Feb 19, 2001
yep im having trouble keeping up with them i think i have changed drivers more than underware this week (lol) now their up to 7043.
yeah the driver my card came with was7075 and 3dmark2001 would lock up instantly so i got the 7131 or 7313 (no sure lol) and it would work fine.
now ive got a new dvd player and reinstalled the 7075 driver for intial setup of dvd.
i downloaded the 7041 and am gonna install it tonight and see what happens. lol
which one u runnin and is it stable?
yep uncertified, but still worth the try since the last ati driver set thats certified is only 7075 and the latest beta driva at ati is 7115 i really dont mind testing them.
so u havent had any problems with that driver ur using now with 3d2001?

ps. woud u give me ur step by step process for correctly removing my current driver and reinstalling the new driver.
i an idiot and want to be sure im doing clean removals and installs. thanx bro!
allright! go to your add and remove programs take out the ati display and do not reboot when asked instead do a file search to remove the inf files.search in c\\windows\inf and the file you look for ati*.inf get rid of them all(by the way im assuming you only have one display adapter) k then reboot and you will be back to the default vga adapter.ok now you need to go to run and punch in regedit and windows registry will pop up you now need to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE click the plus next to software and in the directory below it there will be ati technolagies right click and delete it.now since your in the registry you wil go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\sytem\currentcontrolsettings\sevices\class\display click on the plus you will see at least one sub key labeled 0000 if your regestry is dirty you will see multiple keys like 0001,0002,0003 dont worry about it get rid of them all including 0000 then reboot and there is no trace of ati on your system.ok time to install the new one.i have used this method too many times to count i have never had a problem.CAUTION! if your unsure about navigating and deleting from your registry have someone who knows a little more than you,but its really not rocket science if you follow my instuctions. have a nice day!
The Radeon Tweaker and Raid On Tweaker both have the option to purge the registry, is that a easy way to do it?
I would assume that it would clear out all the ATI stuff as well, but you know what happens when you assume ;)
One one brave enough to try these out? Im currently sticking with the 7075's.
hey thanx harderclock for the info.

i tried it but didnt get the option to browse at the begining of the process.
im runnnin win98se, maybe that was the prob.
i printed ur instructions for my buddy so he can do it for me. again thanx bro!