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anisotropic filter for Direct3D?? -powerstrip

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Apr 26, 2001
i recently got Powerstrip and notified it gives the option "anisotropic filter" for Direct3D applications. im using Detonator3 6.50 drivers and theres no an. filter for the Direct3D. does anyone know if that of the powerstrip actually works or if it really exists anisotropic filter for Direct3D applications?
Some of the earlier powerstrips didnt have all the features enabled the latest PowerStrip 3.0 Beta Build 138 is a big improvement.. as as for it working check your benchmarks and see if it works for you

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ok. what do u mean to check the benchmarks? do u mean to see if the filter decreases performance or if the img quality gets better with it enabled?
Well, it decreases performance AND improves image quality. Generally with D3D I've only noticed 8-tap anisotropic... it shouldn't hurt too much, but then again it won't help much either. It's basicly an advanced anti-aliasing method that cuts down on that "blurring" effect that mip-maps generally form (where the ground looks like it's growing moss at a distance). You start to see a real difference at 16-tap.. 32-tap and 64-tap look absolutely wonderful, but I've only seen those in OpenGL.