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annodized heatsinks and sandwich cooler on slot a athlon

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Dec 18, 2000
i was wondering if annodized aluminium heatsink would conduct electricity if not could you recommend me a few that are annodized in slot format cause im looking in making a sandwich cooler on my k7 850@1079(127 fsb)and was wondering on how to stop it from shorting on the components mouted on the back of the pcb and i heard that annodized aluminium did not conduct electricity.Also if they could you guys recommend a product that i could pout on the back of my pcb to stop this from shorting out and do not forget it as to be heat resistant cause my cpu is pushing near 90 watts of heat and i know it still has more to offer so i know ill push it harder if i can get reasonnable temps to do so cause it boot into windows at 1200(10*120)but my temps over arround 60C at the back of the pcb right were the core is situated on the other side so the core should be arround 70C+ and thats scares the hell out of me if you understand lol well hope you can help.
anodizing is done for two primary reasons.

1)to prevent oxidization
2)black radiates heat better than white (keep bears outta it!)

If the anodizing is thick enough it will resist electrical current. But most heatsinks will not have enough anodizing to do that. I would paint the back of the CPU with polyurethane if I were you. Someone else may have a better idea though.
if theres stuff sticking out of the back , the sink would not contact the PCB ,and would act as an insulator ,,you could just blow a fan on it ,u can easily mod the rear cover that came on it to mount a fan ,, or u can make shims of aluminum or copper that clear the protrusions on the back ..or u can releif the sink (drill holes) so that it fits over them and sits flat on the pcb