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Annoying Problem...

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Lazlo Panaflex

Aug 18, 2002
Mean Streets Of Orange County CA
Whenever i play unreal tournament/and any other fps i always get like screen movement...Im not sure how to explain it it just feels likes theres rips in the screen. Its not slowing the game down its just not smooth. So ill be playing unreal tournament 2003 and ill take a quick look to my left and it will just be kind of choppy. Is there an option in the detonator drivers to fix this? Should i turn anistrophic filtering on or something?
I cant help you but i think i know what you're talking about. When I play Medal of Honor and turn while looking at a close object, i.e. a wall, door, the screen tends to distort, flash, the wall. I will try to get a picture in a few minutes. ;)
I tried to take a picture but the screen does its little flickering to fast. I did notice the v. 30.82 drives cause less flickering than the 40+ ones. So if you are using one of the 40+ detonators you should uninstall them and install the 30.82 drivers. Just give it a try ;)
What you are describing sounds to me like image tearing. Image tearing is caused by a too high fps with vsync off. Try turning vsync on and see if you still have the same problem. If this fixes it then install the 40.xx drivers again because you were getting higher fps with them :p.