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another 4770k OC need advice

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Dec 2, 2009
Hey guys this will be a bit of a long one i guess thats all over the place, but hopefully someone is bored enough to take the time to point me in the right direction.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

Asus 970 4gb gpu
Asus Maximus VI Hero
Corsair 16gb Dual-Channel 1600hz 10-10-10-27
Kingston Hyper X 240gb
Corsair CX750M
Corsair h100i 240mm cpu cooler

Corsair 300R Tower
1tb Seagate 7200 rpm HDD (7+ years old)
BenQ XL2411Z 1920x1080 @ 144hz
Samsung syncmaster 1920x1080 @ 59hz

First of all i been playing a bunch of CSGO again and getting better and realized i really need a stable 300 fps rather then 250-280 dipping up and down just to be sure and eliminate any inconsistency in the mouse input. I overclocked my CPU to 4.4ghz and suddenly was getting a stable 300 fps as i wanted or 450-600 if i uncapped fps which was exactly what i needed.

Everything was working fine for a few days and then i started to get some jittery games that slowly over time became worse and worse, at first i put it down to a csgo update between the few days it felt perfect to when it started to feel pretty bad since every update you usually see people posting issues. Mind you the days it was perfect i only played 1 or 2 games a day and the ones it became unplayable was when i played a half dozen in a row which was by game 3. Afterwards i tried quickly Modern Warfare 2 campaign and quickly saw it was playing up as well so i started to think maybe i need to check my OC rather then CSGO.

Original OC was just

44 44 44 44
V Core 1.25

my first instinct was to just raise V Core to 1.30 and see if it was working well before i slowly dropped it 0.1 at a time, CSGO was still very jittery and unplayable, before i go any further what i mean by jittery was just my FPS looked to be normal but i was getting micro stutters consistently at uneven intervals sometimes ever few ms non stop, then somtimes only when engaging in combat so firing weapons ect

I verified cache of the game ect, looked all over forums, saw people with similar problems who had 980 gpus so could be that in common, could be anything. I searched in google and this forum micro stutters ect but mostly found very basic general info that didnt really get me any further then i already knew.

Today i started fresh and tried a few different combinations, each time using 3DMark benchmark demo thats free on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/223850/ My reasoning was that if my OC couldnt last a 10 minute benchmark then there was no point trying to stress test with Prime95 for hours.

I should mention this is my first OC since my last PC which was a first gen I7-920 where the methods and style of OC is far different even with same Mobo just older (Asus Rampage II Extreme) So i just learned about Uncore Clock which was non existent before to me, it was straight up change BLK, V Core and adjust ram mhz if needed.

Today i tried 46 46 46 46 - v core 1.25 - unclock min 41 max 44. The Fire Strike benchmark for high performance gaming PCs went perfectly with higher scores then stock CPU clock averaging 50 fps. The problem was i then tried the Sky Diver benchmark for mid range PCs and it crashed at the CPU test which is after the multiple GPU tests.

I then did stuff like 46 46 44 43 - v core 1.26 - unclock min 41 max 44. With the exact same results, it went through the high performance benchmark without hassle but crashed on the exact same part of the Sky Diver CPU test, which i should add is a benchmark that averages 200+ fps since its less intensive, not sure if that can have something to do with it. Meanwhile the first benchmark did say my CPU speed was 4.3 ghz and i noticed during it that my CPU barely tapped 4.6ghz once or twice but stayed at a solid 4.3ghz.

I use HW Info on my second screen to sit there and watch temps/core speeds and what not. http://www.hwinfo.com/

I have read dozens and dozens of guides for my exact CPU and Mobo which all pretty much explain where im at right now which is

1. try setting core 3 and 4 a bit lower then 1 and 2
2. keep uncore within 500mhz of the target speed which the majority i saw were about 200 mhz lower?
3. start at 1.25 v core

What can you suggest to start with? Should i be starting with much higher V Core? Should my Min/Max Uncore be the same? 500 mhz less then target speed or equal to target speed? Should i not bother with 3d mark and just Prime test it 10 mins then start gaming? Until i either bluescreen or crach?

These are the main threads i followed but i can see how i could go around in circles for days with little to no clarity on whats progress


http://rog.asus.com/254052013/maxim...ngs-for-overclocking-maximus-vi-motherboards/ - should i go all in on this guide and try to follow every single step? or just keep at what im doing?

I did manage to get my I7-920 from 2.9 ghz to 3.8 on my last build so im not complete noob at this but it does feel like since its 6 years later everything is different in a way i dont know.

Thread is long and boring so im sorry for the reader and if i missed any critical info.
Can i use this Data and try to go the median of the core i want?


Played tonight multiple games at all Stock settings and had no issues at all, im willing to put it down to my overclock. Im still not sure what direction to go in.

Since its a a bit inactive here or my walls of text are of no interest im just going to keep going and use this as reference while im still going

so i started again with

core multi 46 46 46 46
cpu vid 1.30
v core 1.328
uncore multi 41 min 44 max

again crashed on CPU part of 3Dmark so i decided to look deeper

changed Input Voltage from auto to 1.9 cause its what i thought the VRIN / VCCIN / Input Volage was same but i guess not? still a little confused as bios is different to most guides.

This ended up changing the VCOREEREFIN to 1.976 according to HWinfo, but at last success with getting past my BSOD on CPU part of 3Dmark which was "a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor" which based on research was pretty common for unstable CPU.

This is the specific guide i am now following http://www.overclock.net/t/1411077/haswell-overclocking-guide-with-statistics and this is the spread sheet of dozens of users results, which i have found is a good place to start by testing the Median for 4.6ghz https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...NjlDYWl6ZnV4OVlNc0lMU1V3c1E&usp=sharing#gid=0

How long should i try Prime95? without doing an overnight stress test as i dont want to leave it run at 100% load while im not near and if thats successful and no issues while gaming a bunch of hours, out of what i listed above would you start to dial back first to get the min maxed setting.
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If it's stable while gaming a bunch of hours then that's what counts. Assuming the game taxes the CPU significantly, that is, and not something like tick tac toe. Actually, I have found 3DMark to be a very helpful stress test in establishing the stability of an overclock.
If it's stable while gaming a bunch of hours then that's what counts. Assuming the game taxes the CPU significantly, that is, and not something like tick tac toe. Actually, I have found 3DMark to be a very helpful stress test in establishing the stability of an overclock.

I running into trouble after an hour of gaming, then ran dozens of different settings in Prime95 with them all crashing within 5 minutes, my main issue is that all the guides dont really give me a direction to go or starting point. How does one know if they should start at the intended ghz and raise the vcore? Then how do i know if its not stable because of the Core Cache? then further more how would i know if the VCIN or input Voltage is whats limiting the OC.

Really lost on what direction to take.

When i do for example 44 44 44 44 it just goes unstable pretty quick and BSOD, right now im trying 43 43 42 41 (v core 1.30 rest "auto") but the problem is whenever i do different core speeds for all, it is mostly running at 4.1ghz, and bench marks only run at 4.1ghz which it passed and a half hour of CSGO.

Im just going to leave this as it is and see if it can go all day tomorrow without the micro stutters i experienced the other day. Its annoying cause my brother has a 4790k at 48 48 47 46 but its really at 4.8ghz as intended. I think at this stage ill just look for a minimal overclock to get the job done, in another year or two when i start to need more FPS in newer games ill go hard.

Still keen to learn if anyone has better links then the ones i have been using above.
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Looks like you did not win the silicon lottery with that chip. Have you tried increasing the ring voltage (aka, "uncore")? Have you tried turning off speed step?
Some of the 4770K out there can be pretty poor overclockers... The 4790K do seem to clock better.

I think you need to find a base line for what/where your chip can clock. I would start again with manual vcore at 1.225v and 39x/39x cpu cache with cache voltage on auto. VCCIN at ~1.8v and DRAM at your particular stock kit speed... 1600C10?... 1.5v. Start your initial testing with your multi set at 41x (all cores). Stress test... Will it run stable? If so bump up the multi to 42x... stress test again etc. You may find that your chip needs ~1.225v for 42x and ~1.250v/1.265/1.270v for 43x and ~1.300v/1.3125v/1.325v for 44x?