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SOLVED Another build. Now with pictures!

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Jul 17, 2003
So I didn't want to broadcast that I had yet another machine fail. I had *had* two x58 chipset systems running my unraid and my folding. The folding rig died and with help from the forum, I built a new (to me) machine that I used for unraid. I took my unraid hardware and moved it to my folding rig. That worked as the hardware was all the same.

That is, it worked for almost 3 days and the other x58 chipset machine died.

Building off conversations in these forums here, I have new parts coming in.

I will be moving my Threadripper 1900x to folding duty.

The new machine:
AMD Ryzen 7 5700x
OLOy 2 x 16GB DDR4
Kingston Fury Gen4x4 1TB NVMe
Gigabyte X570S Aorus Elite
TPM 2.0 module (humor me)
Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 HSF

Black Friday sales got me down to about $630 with shipping/tax. I waited until the last moment on cyber Monday to pull the trigger. A quick Google search showed that cyber sales were at a record level so I thought prices would not get any lower. Periodic checks show that I bought at the right moment. Prices did go up by a few bucks.

Why did I select what I selected:
1) Overall cost.
2) Straight up CPU cores and none of this P and E core ****. Drives me nuts.
3) Lower power usage. 65w CPU vs 105 plus.
4) PCIe Gen4 NVMe.
5) Ram that will run natively in sync with the CPU.
6) Ability to use up to 3 NVMe's without hitting my GPU bandwidth.
7) 2.5 GB NIC.
8) TPM 'cause it was less than $10 and why not. I could install Win11 without it but why? ;)

The rest will be reused:
1200 w PSU 80+ Silver
Fractal Design full tower case with all those slow spinning large fans
EVGA 3080Ti
1 TB HP Gen 3 NVMe for games
Some optical drives to rip the ocasional disk.

Some of the parts have arrived. Some parts made it close to my home but then went back to Ohio for no real reason. Like it went from Toledo OH to Grand Rapids MI which is close to me then back to Ohio. Some parts are just winding thier way across the country little by little. I have vacation days in the second half of this month. All of my parts should be in by then. (I'm not paying for faster shipping when total cost is of considereation.) I hope to build the machine and get it running so that I can then rebuild my Folding rig.
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HSF arrived.
NVMe arrived.
MB arrived.
CPU Arrived.

Ram bouncing between two States repeatedly. No due date specified. Ordered two day prior to MB. Both from Newegg.
TPM on plane from China. Due prior to Feb 23. Looks like it will be here much sooner than that. I can build without it.
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You should be able to return the TPM because TPM is supposed to be integrated into the board. It just needs to be enabled in BIOS. I know on my X570 board, once I update the BIOS to the latest TPM will be enabled by default.

Congrats on the new system. :)
Perhaps. The board has a port for the TPM module and looking at the connection chart for the board, it is listed as LPC. Something that I knew nothing about. I did a buch of research to find out the difference between SPI and LPC and... well.... I'm not going to waste all of that book learnin' to NOT buy a $7 part. ;)
Gigabyte X570 Ultra has the TPM built-in. The X570S Elite is even newer, so I assume it has it too. Either way, you have more rigs, so if not for the new PC, then you can use it for something older. As you said, not a problem when it costs $7. I was spending money on things that cost more, and I barely used them. Like I have an external gfx card enclosure that I used maybe two times.
When Win11 was first launched the stupid scalpers snapped up all the add-in TPM and were selling the $7 modules for $40-$50. I hope the majority of those scalpers lost their *** on that. Glad the modules are back to their original price.
I'm ready for the RAM to arrive. I installed the NVMe. My MB has a nice built in cooling system for it. It's just a heat-sync but it is robust and I feel that it will do a good job. I installed the CPU. I also installed the HSF as those tend to take some time figuring out fan brackets, skt specific mounting and applying thermal paste and all. Got that done. Glad I did too as the instructions for my HSF were lacking where I needed them. I had to leave one of the fans mounted up high so that I can install the RAM but then I will mount it correctly. I mounted it so that I could do cable management now instead of later.

I also got my Windows 11 installer and BIOS update on a FAT32 USB drive ready to go for when I put power to it. I may have to flash it before I install the OS. My board will let me do that so no worries.
It's time for photos but that will be for tomorrow.

I did recieve all of my parts but had some issues with either defective or incompatible parts.

I was able to flash my Gigabyte MB but.... I found that the CPU cannot be installed when you do it. I was able to leave the RAM and NVMe installed but the flashing process does NOT work if the CPU is installed. This meant that I had to remove the HSF and clean the TIM. I then had to replace the TIM when reinstalling. Times two. Troubleshooting sucks.

After flashing, the machine would not boot even a little. Much troubleshooting later to include a replacement MB, it looks like the RAM was either bad or not compatible.
Q: Was the RAM on the QVL?
A: No. I purchased OLOy branded RAM which they say will work.
Q: Did the RAM arrive from shipping in good condition?
A: Maybe? As you know, RAM is packed into a clear plastic shell and put into a thin cardboard box. Nothing substantial in any way. That was placed in a thinly padded envelope. The plastic shell was crushed so bad that I really had to struggle to get one of the sticks out of it. I mean... geez oh pete! (Sorry for the swear.). The RAM itself looked fine.
Q: Did you test one stick at a time?
A: No. I was just relieved that a different set of RAM worked so I sent the OLOy back.
Q: Are you getting new OLOy RAM?
A: No. OLOy may be a great company that makes great product and maybe not. However, I just want to get my machine up and running so I went with RAM on the QVL.
Q: What did you get to replace the OLOy?
A: I ended up buying G.Skill Ripjaws V series. 2x16GB 3600 18CAS. It will arrive today as of this writting.

Q: Did you have any other issues building this machine?
A: Yes. My Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 CPU cooler has one (of two) fan that has a really loud whine at high speed. I ordered a replacement that will arrive... tomorrow?! I thought it would come today but looking at the order it will not. Oh well. I will send the defective fan w/cooler back.

Q: Any other issues?
A: Yeah. While troubleshooting the no boot issue, I ran out of thermal paste. I had to put this project on hold as I researched and ordered new TIM (Thermal Interface Media). There is a whole other thread on that. TL;DR I purchased Prolimatech PRO-PK3. The tread linked earlier has other great options too. If you buy TIM, most are very much good enough.

Q: Have you gotten the system running with the recent issues?
A: Yes. The machine is working but, I borrowed RAM from another system and it must be returned. I also need to replace the bad fan on the HSF which I can do after asymbly. I installed Windows 11. I also updated it and Office 2021. (No cloud based Office for me ;) ). I installed one of my EPIC games and I installed STEAM. I did NOT install my STEAM games as I will transfer my "gaming" NVMe to the new machine. I'll point STEAM to that drive with my STEAM games on it.

Q: You mentioned that you bought a TPM2 "card". Did you need it? Did you install it?
A: Great question. Earlier, @JLK03F150 mentioned that I would not need it. He was 100% right. $8 wasted. I did NOT install it but every bone in my body is screaming at me to install it anyway. As I only spent $8 on it and because it came from a Chinese supplier that I cannot verify, I probably shouldn't. I usually live by the "fix it 'til it breaks" mantra. I probably should resist that.

Quick list of the parts:
AMD Ryzen7 3700x: High core count. High speed. Low cost. Low wattage (65w)
Gigabyte X570S Aorus Elite AX: Low cost. High speed. 2.5 GBps. All the features I want plus wireless (meh). Is a replacement for the non-AX version that I thought was bad. Added $30 to total cost. Non-AX not availible at time of replacement.
G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 2x16GB: Low cost. High speed. Lower CAS. On the QVL.
Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120: Low cost. Highly rated.
Kingston FURY Renegade 1TB gen4 NVMe. High speed. Low cost. 1TB. Gen4 PCIe!

Reusing the following:
EVGA 3080Ti
Name brand PSU but I can't recall the name off hand.
HP 950 1TB PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe. My "gaming" drive.
Fractal full tower case. Lots of room to work in it. Lots of slow spinning large fans to keep things quiet.

What were my costs?
without tax:
NVMe = $100
CPU = $200
RAM = $90
MB = $200
HSF = $52
TPM (not used) = $8
Office/Win = $23 (Best not ask.)

My total with tax and shipping is $702.86
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OK. I waited until morning but I'm pissed. The new RAM does NOT work in the MB. I have a support ticket created with Gigabyte but RAM from the QVL should work.
The OLOy RAM would not even POST and my new G.Skill will at least let the fans power on but the machine will not boot in any shape or form. I put the RAM from my donor machine back in and it works great. If I could keep that RAM I would but I can't.

So, as per usual, my taunt in the Folding section has been jinxed.

The difference that I can see is that the working RAM is 3200 and both of the non-working kits are 3600. However, the 2nd kit is on the list so....
Have you done a proper Clear_CMOS between swapping kits? Sometimes a previous Auto timings can be confused by the new timings. On top of that, they shouldn't be booting to anything other than base JEDEC since XMP should be disabled on a new board. Slots A2 & B2, correct?
This G.Skill Ripjaw V 2x16GB DDR4-3600 CL16 has the same ICs as the G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16-19-19-39 kit I'm using. They were very much plug & play on my X570 mobo if you find yourself buying another kit.
Have you done a proper Clear_CMOS between swapping kits? Sometimes a previous Auto timings can be confused by the new timings. On top of that, they shouldn't be booting to anything other than base JEDEC since XMP should be disabled on a new board. Slots A2 & B2, correct?
This G.Skill Ripjaw V 2x16GB DDR4-3600 CL16 has the same ICs as the G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16-19-19-39 kit I'm using. They were very much plug & play on my X570 mobo if you find yourself buying another kit.
I'm gonna hunt you down. I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna give you a big kiss! ... ...

... Well... None of that. I'm not gonna do any of that but your suggestion worked. I looked in the manual to find the reset jumper and followed the instructions... more or less. Installed the 3600 memory kit and it booted up.

Thank you very much. If I can find the "Solution" option that seems to come and go, I'm giving you credit for the solution.

Thank you thank you thank you.
Pictures as promised.

Below is the "old" Threadripper". Not sure why some of my pictures are hazy but some are. The two fans at the top of this picture are at the top of the case. This is after I removed the 3080Ti and pulled all of the cables.

Below you see the new Ryzen7 5700x (on the left) next to the Threadripper 1900x.
Top view.
Here is a shot of the new guts.
Here's a nice shot of the 3060 vs 3080Ti.
Here's a shot of the new guts in the old case.
The only thing missing in the above shot is the 3080Ti with it's three(3) 8-pin connectors. It's been running for days now with the 5700x running at 4.5GHz.