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Another Google Thread

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Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
200,000 points this week! :eek:

we have 900,000 after all this time.


Mar 13, 2002
Montreal, Quebec
RoadWarrior said:
:nervous: Okay here's the plan, we all infiltrate Dell, HP, Compaq, etc as burn in technicians and get 24 hours worth of folding out of every rig off the line..... :D

LOL, hey RoadWarrior are you a comedian ???

That is at least the second really funny thing I have read by you this week !!!


True but how many GHz would that be cos you could have 17000 600MHz machines. If they turn out 200 000 points a week 200 000 / 7 = +- 28571.5pts a day right? 28571.5 / 24 = +-1190.5 pts an hour :eek: and that would be close to 20pts a minute (correct me if i am wrong plz) if it takes X time to complete a 2pt protein on a 1.6GHz systerm then they would need Y systerms to produce 200 000 pts in 7 days. Fill in the X cos i got no idea ;)