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Another lapping question.

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Apr 18, 2001
Troy, NY
How do you know when to move up to the next grit sandpaper, while lapping?

heh..probably a dumb question, but I'm a beginner. :)

After you get back from having your arm reattached at the hospital. j/k

Just keep an eye on the bottom of the object you are lapping. When it doesn't seem to be improving any, jump up to the next grit.
just use one grit. that's all you need. 600 grit worked fine.
it's what hoot does.

check out the results
yeah that works too, but if you have a big scratch or something that you need to take out then you should use some rougher stuff to get down to the point where the scratch isnt as deep. using 1 grit could really tire your arm out.
Hey Fox...caught your reference to "Hoot's Technique" on the other thread...shortly after posting this question, of course. :) Sent him a PM, and he was awesome about hooking me up to the thread where he describes it. :)

Will be trying it when I get home tonight. Dunno though, waiting for my heatsinkfactory.com order to come, 15 minutes to lap it isn't much time to take, I'll be tempted to put it back together with the old fans and Radio Shack grease, instead of my new chipset cooler and Arctic Alumnia...heh.

Don't have any "big" scratches, just some straight ones completely across the HS. It's smooth to the touch, but the scratches, assuming machining grooves, are plainly visible.

No cheapo digital camera, or I'd take before and after pics. :)