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Another MBM5 ques.

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Nov 13, 2001
Just put in MBM5 (newest ver. 5.2.0?) and it reads really high.
I had the previous version in B-4 and it was close.
I can reset the CPU1 sensor to read more accurate for my mobo. (ASUS -10C)
But the CPU2 for MB temp is WAAAAAAAAY OFF ! Over 25C off.
I readjust it, and it is still off by 4C. (high)
I have it maxT out.

Only thing I have changed is the OS. To XP.
So, I know my 38C CPU temp, & 28C MB temps are there,
I just can't get this thing configured right.

I have tried different readers for sensor pick up
(as slected on screen for sensor 2) and it defaults to none.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
MBM sometimes wont read a sensor correctly and needs the offset value adjusted. When I set mine I get the temp reading from the bios screen and then use the offset feature to +/- the temp in MBM to match the bios reading.

That's how I adjusted the Sensor 1 to read for the CPU.
But the Sensor 2 is all outta whack.
What version are you running?
The latest MBM.

Sensor 4 is the cpu diode reading
Sensor 2 is the temp reading from the On Die sensor in the cpu
(should be higher than the reading from 4.
Sensor 1 is the Northbridge temp.

My temps right now are:

S#4 (diode) 39c
S#2 (Ondie) 50c
S#1 (NB) 24c

You could have a bad sensor.
equalizr said:
Where do you adjust the voltages in MBM to match the bios??

i see no such settings..and im using the latest one

Under the settings for alarm (for each sensor) scroll down until you see "Compensation for this sensor", then set the +/- Value
Still can't get it to match the MB sensor.
Seems there is / MBMB5 is set up now for SMP mobos. I have 2 sensor readings for CPU temp. I think Sensors 2 & 3.
#1 doesn't even come close to mobo temp. (28C)
equalizr said:
There is no such setting in MBM...im running the 5.201 version

Last Line in the pic...:"Compensation for this sensor" is the one that allows offset adjustments.

I am using Beta, but the prior version I was using had this setting as well.