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Another one bites the dust

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King of Cats Senior
Feb 2, 2001
Chicago, IL
Okay, now that I'm over being pissed I'll post what happened to my 2nd tbird. I had remounted the becooling block onto the socket using diagonal clips (the opposite middle ones snapped off, thereby frying my tbird). Guess what happened? These tabs snapped off too. The bad thing was I was monitoring the digital thermometer at the exact moment it happened. I was sitting there thinking to myself, "Gee, why are my temps creeping up..." and then they skyrocketed and I got a whole nose full of burnt tbird. I am furious! Anybody who buys a waterblock that uses the mounting clips on the socket is going to have bad luck because of the weight of the waterblock will break them off. I was so pissed off I went out and bought a dangerden block(like I should have done from the beginning) and I need to beg and plead for the local shop I bought from and see if they'll rma it again. If anybody wants to buy a waterblock that uses the mounting clips please use my story as an example so they don't piss away their money on cpu's like I have done.
why does expierence cost so much? sigh. Sorry for your losses, hope you can rma it.
Having a number of keychain charms, I do understand. Build a four bolt mount and escape from the T-Bird ZIF tab terror.

I am making a H2O system for my T-Bird , and I am NOT interested in how tomake CPU key chains. And sense I do not believe in RMAing a cpu if I have been tweeking with it (just personal opinion, dont care if you do or not, not trying to flame) so rma is not an option if i fry it.

So I was wondering if anybody could point me towards a how to on making a reliable clip.